Teen Mom Star Catelynn Lowell Faces Backlash For Posting Photo Of Her Husband Tyler Baltierra In 'Underwear'


Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell has been receiving quite a backlash from her fans as well as Redditors after her recent post on the social media site Instagram.

The post was a TikTok video that she made using pictures and clips of her husband Tyler Baltierra and her two daughters, Nova and Vaeda. The post was accompanied by a caption that read: “I love you so much @tylerbaltierramtv #soulmate #bestfriend #lover.”

Replying to the tribute his wife posted, Tyler used some heart emoji and commented: “Baaaabe!!! I love you so much!!!”

Although the post was meant to be cheerful and lovable, what made the public speak against it was a picture that Lowell had inserted of her husband. In the picture, Tyler was opening a bottle of Champagne in his underwear only.

After the video was posted by Lowell, fans and Redditors began to call the tribute post ‘weird’ and overcompensating for their relationship. As a result, the reality TV personality had to use a feature of Instagram that limited other people from commenting on the post.

However, that was not enough to stop the public to speak up against it. Thus, people took to another popular social media site, Reddit, to speak up against it. On the same topic, one Redditor stated that she thinks her husband is hot too but she does not feel the need to post that type of photos/videos. Her sentence ended as she said that Lowell’s post is just weird.

I mean, I think my husband is hot too, but I don’t feel the need to post these photos/videos. That’s just weird.

Likewise, another Redditor mentioned that the 29-year-old TV personality is very insecure about her relationship. Also, they said that she is just marking her territory and it’s sad that she feels she has to do so.


Screenshot from Catelynn Lowell's Instagram post in which her husband Tyler is in underwear while opening a champagne bottle (Source: Catelynn Lowell's Instagram)

A Reddit user wrote, “They overcompensate so much.” Moreover, another angry fan took to Reddit and said that even though Tyler drank champagne wearing underwear in the parking lot, which many might have done, it is not okay to post the picture online.

Are they drinking champagne in their underwear in a parking lot? I mean, I'm not gonna pretend I've never been there, but I don't post it online.


Screenshots of fan's comments on Reddit in response to Catelynn Lowell's Instagram post (Source: sun.co.uk)

The backlashes come less than 10 days after Lowell shared a similar kind of post which was also made using pictures of her husband and daughters, and captioned it “@tylerbaltierramtv I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Also, follow me on TikTok.”

One of the pictures that were used in that post was a picture of her husband, Tyler, who was wearing grey sweatpants that showed off his bulge. While the public speaker’s husband commented “Hahaha this is epic lmao I love you too baby!”, Lowell replied to her husband’s comment using two laughing emojis and quite a few smiling face with three hearts emojis.

Catelynn is a well-known television personality who is also known for being an author and public speaker. She has been married to Tyler Baltierra for almost 6 years—shared the wedding vows in 2015.

Together the married couple is the parents to three daughters Vaeda Luma Baltierra (2-year-old), Novalee Reign Baltierra (6-year-old), and Carolyn Elizabeth Davis (11-year-old), who they placed for adoption. Currently, Lowell and Baltierra are expecting a new baby.