Lilliana Vazquez Expecting Her First Baby after Years of IVF Journey

Lilliana Vazquez

Lilliana Vazquez is expecting her first baby with her husband Patrick McGrath.

After going through infertility treatments for six years, the 41 years old TV host is finally going to be a mother and she is very ecstatic about it.

While talking about the happy news, she told PEOPLE “It was just complete and over the top elation. I don't think it's a feeling I'd ever really felt before.”

On March 30, 2021, she took to her Instagram handle to share the good news. She had posted a couple of clips which was followed by a heartful caption. Through the caption, she spoke to her unborn child, whom she named “Baby M.”

The caption read, “Baby M: This is our love letter to you...Before you were our blessing. Our tiny miracle. You were so much more. You were our teacher. Our guide to understanding that life’s greatest gifts often come from heartbreak, patience, and pure hope. Over the last 6 years, you have shown us how to grieve. And grow.”

“The power of prayer. And that faith arrives when you face your biggest fears. Through it all - you transformed me from a woman to a warrior and showed me that there’s freedom in forgiveness. Not just for others, but for myself above all else. Each failed cycle and transfer tried to break us… but firm in our faith and love for you, we surrendered to our greatest wish of all, just to be your parents.”

She concluded her long caption by writing, “You spent the last 6 years living in our dreams and in our hearts but now, here you are. We can’t wait to welcome you to the world.”

On the next day, March 31, Lilliana once again took to her Instagram handle to share few snaps of her baby bump, with her husband accompanying her in some pictures. In that post, caption, she stated some heartful moments she went through during the past few years while trying to have a baby.

It Was A Long Journey For Lilliana & Patrick

Although happiness has surrounded the life of the Texas native and her husband, it wasn’t an easy journey for them.

Lilliana had to go through a long process to become a mother for the first time. It began in 2015 when she started her in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination journey.

Since then, the husband-wife duo had tried several times to have a baby. However, there was always unfortunate news waiting for them. The couple had gone through heartbreaks numerous times but they refused to give up.

In 2020, after going through several weeks of treatment, a small ray of hope emerged for Lilliana and Patrick when they learned that there was a heart beating inside Lilliana’s belly. However, as the TV host has had several losses, she initially thought that it was a prank call.

She was all set to shed tears once again. In the interview with PEOPLE, she told that “I'm 40 years old and I'm pregnant for the first time, and so I think when you've experienced so much loss... it hardens you and it makes you so scared.”

But, to her fortune, it wasn’t a prank call and she was actually going to be a mother. Ever since that day, all of the duo’s sadness has faded out and there is only happiness in their world.

Lilliana has been proudly flaunting pictures of her baby bump and relishing the time of her pregnancy until she welcomes her baby into this world. Now that she is going to be a mother in the future, we wish nothing but the absolute best for her.

Lilliana Vazquez is an Emmy-winning host and tv personality who has also earned success as an amazing interviewer, author, and style expert. Meanwhile, her husband, Patrick McGrath, is a successful American real estate businessman.

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The two have been married for more than 13 years, as of this writing. They shared the wedding vows on October 27, 2007. Throughout all of those years of togetherness, the married couple has supported each other in every step of life, either in happiness or in sadness.