Who Is High On The Hog's Host Stephen Satterfield? Everything About A Renowned Chef And Food Historian


Stephen Satterfield is a renowned chef, and a food historian who made an on-screen debut with a food docuseries called High On The Hog: How African American Cuisine Turned Into America. It is a Netflix show focused on displaying the long relationship between African-American and American cuisine. 

Initially, Dr. Jessica B. Harris published the High On The Hog: How African American Cuisine Turned Into America in 2011. Everything in the show is related to the book, but it also has some spicy content. And Stephen has shown his hosting skills in the show, which premiered in May 2021 on Netflix. Also, you will get to see Satterfield and Jessica with other cooks discovering the food from South Africa to Texas. So, tighten your seat belt to explore their food hunt on Netflix whenever you are ready.

Likewise, Satterfield didn’t get to be the cast of Netflix’s High On The Hog easily. One of the producers approached him for his expert review on food. So, how long has Stephen been working in the food industry, making him such a trusted chef? To know this, let’s dive into the article.

What Is Stephen Satterfield Job? Detail On His Early Occupation

Satterfield was interested in cooking from an early age. It has been reported that he identified his cooking skills when he cooked during high school. While he was still a student, he spent several hours dining and making food.

Later, Stephen made up a mind to polish his talent; thus, he joined the culinary school. After gaining the required knowledge, he began his professional career. In 2005, the chef joined the Genoa Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, as a General Manager. Then, Satterfield ended his working period at the Genoa in 2007.

After three years, in 2010, the food historian was approached by the Nopa Restaurant. For the Nopa, he worked as the manager till 2015. Then, Stephen began his writing career at the Civil Eats as the Food Writing Fellow for at least five months.

Similarly, Stephen’s job didn’t end there; he served for the Food52 by securing the position of Writer In Residence. The chef spent his four months at the Food52.

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Then, Satterfield stepped at the iHeartRadio as the show host of the Point of Origin Podcast. The show was operated under the collaboration with his food magazine called Whetstone Media.

Not only this but, Satterfield is also connected with the school, Ida B. Wells. This school holds the history of gardening since the a70s. The school’s garden was no longer in existence when Stephen joined there. However, the chef planted and maintained the park after being part of the Wells.

Highlight On Stephen Satterfield Food Business

After bidding a farewell at the Genoa Restaurant, Stephen founded his ISAW Foundation at the end of 2007. The business was only aimed at developing black wine brands in South Africa.

When Satterfield achieved enough knowledge in the food industry, he founded his food magazine, Whetstone Media, in late 2016. The Whetstone covers food anthropology, origin, and its culture. It has been expanded to more than 80 different countries as of now.

Stephen Satterfield Net Worth

Stephen has been working in the food industry for more than a decade. So, it is evident that he has earned a significant income via his job. He often takes a tour and is featured on reality shows, which helps him generate good revenue.

For instance, Satterfield can be seen hosting Netflix’s food show called Hig On The Hog from 26th May 2021. As per many reliable sources, Stephen has a total worth of $500,000 as of now.

In addition, he operates his own media company, Whetstone Media. So, his fortune is most likely to be increased in the upcoming period.

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Is Stephen Satterfield Married? Information On His Romantic Life

The chef, Stephen, has kept his life secret and out of reach. As a result, we are unsure whether he is in a relationship or has a wife instead.

However, we surfed his Instagram profile and discovered a photo with a beautiful girl. Though there is no identification of the lady, most probably, she is Stephen’s girlfriend.


A post shared by isawstephen (@isawstephen)

Also, the way Satterfield captioned the photo on 26th October 2020 has led many people into assumptions. His captions include,

She be like, Why we never take pictures? I say it’s cuz we stay makin memories. Let the record show we was fitted and blissed. Besos y pesos. Punctured the shell of hell and expelled ourselves. Nomads. Less so intellectually, more so emphatically somatically. Te quiero bebé. 💞
Still, we cannot confirm his relationship status unless he speaks ownself.

So, as of now, Stephen is single and not married to anyone.

Stephen Satterfield Bio - Age And Family

Stephen was born in 1985 in his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. After celebrating his birthday on 19th April 2021, he turned 36 years old. And his birth sign is Aries.

The host was born to his mother, Debra Satterfield, and a father, Sam Satterfield. His birth mother is working as the school principal at the Wesly International Academy since July 2018. Before, Debra served at the Delkab County School in the same position for nearly three decades.


A post shared by isawstephen (@isawstephen)

Plus, Stephen’s mother holds a Doctorate from the University of Georgia. And she completed her MA from the Calrk Atlanta University. At the same time, Sam’s job and educational detail are out of reach as of now. But we do know that Stephen’s parents celebrated their 38th marriage anniversary in June 2020.

Besides, the chef has not spoken anything about his siblings yet.

Quick Facts About Stephen Satterfield:

Birth Name Stephen Satterfield
Age 36
Date Of Birth 19th April 1985
Gender Male
Profession Chef, Food Historian, Entrepreneur, Show Host, And Reality Star
Net Worth $500,000

Stephen Satterfield Height And Weight

The chef is tall enough as his height is about 5 feet and 11 inches (1.80m). Even by looking at him on TV, we can sense that he is gifted with a tall body figure.

Likewise, the listed weight of Stephen is about 78 kg says the Starsoffline.

Is Stephen Satterfield Active On Social Media? Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook

Social media has been the primary platform for almost every celebrity and businessperson to keep pace with the trend and people. In the same way, the chef, Stephen, also used online platforms like Instagram to share his day-to-day life.

As of 28th May 2021, Satterfield has 22.7k followers on his gram, having @isawstephen as a username. Plus, he has 6.6k followers on his Twitter handle.

Unknown Facts About Stephen Satterfield

  • Stephen joined the culinary school at the age of 19.
  • Though he is a renowned food historian, his biography, including age, early life, college, personal life, and career, is still not updated on Wikipedia.
  • Mostly, Stephen’s cuisine is followed on West Coast.
  • Since 2002, he has been traveling to West Coast.