Purple Hearts Fame Nicholas Galitzine’s Sexuality: Is He Gay?

Nicholas Galitzine

A professional young English actor has been winning all hearts onscreen in his roles in many movies especially, Prince Charming in Cinderella and Luke in Purple Hearts. The Netflix movie was a hit and premiered worldwide. 

With the movie attracting many fans, they are very interested to know more about Nicholas Galitzine.

They are wondering about his relationship status, but more on details about his sexuality. But what is really going on romantically in Nichola’s real life? 

Nicholas Galitzine: Wiki, Age, Parents

A charming young boy who was born and raised in London, England, recently celebrated his birthday on the 27th of September and has made a big-screen debut in Luke Perry’s film, Beneath My Feet which was also shown in an appearance aired on an episode of Legends. 

Nicholas Galitzine is the son of Geoffrey and Lora Galitzine. His father is a business owner, whereas his mother is a housewife. Nicholas has a younger sister named, Lexi Galitzine who is a British interior stylist and an illustrator.

A handsome young lad has earned his Bachelor's degree from Dulwich College in London. 

Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? Insights on the Actor’s Sexuality

A pretty tight-lipped boy in his personal life, and keeps it away from the media glare there is no indication that Nicholas is dating anyone exclusively. Galitzine has not confirmed or identified himself as gay, until now.

An English actor has not gone on the internet to talk about his sexuality but the rumors are escalated signifying him as gay. 

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Interestingly, the actor has played several roles and portrayed a homosexual character in the film “Handsome Devil”. He fairly played a role as a young boy struggling with homophobia and bullying. Well, the Dublin Film Critics awarded the movie as the Best Irish Feature of 2017 after it received favorable reviews. 

Furthermore, the actor has also played an LGBTQ+ character in the horror film “The Craft: Legacy” in 2020. Despite his choice of roles and movies, played as a gay character, Galitizine has never expressed himself as a gay man.

Therefore, allegations put against him are all baseless and unjustified. 

Nicholas Galitzine has been the subject of rumors of himself being gay, mainly due to his various on-screen personas as homosexual. A versatile actor with exceptional skills in acting has also acted in many genres besides being a gay man. 

Galitzine has focused on many roles ascending towards the pride community and, playing roles that are inclined toward a secretive relationship as a gay man, and played along with the transgender actress, Zoey Luna. 

Therefore, it is not necessary for any person who acts or plays a gay role on-screen to be tagged or demonstrated as gay in real life. Nicholas Galitzine, despite many rumors of being gay, has yet not spoken anything about his sexuality as a result of explanations. 

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Does Nicholas Galitzine Have a Girlfriend?

A man who likes to keep everything personal and tight has not recently shared anything about him being partnered with anyone. But, previously he shared his love affair with a gill that caught his attention.

In an interview, Galitzine shared that he had his eye on a girl who was present at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival whom he fancied a lot. But nothing more had happened, except an infatuation. 

A private actor was also rumored allegedly dating his co-star Lilli Kay, but neither Nicholas Galitzine nor Lilli confessed or confirmed the accusations.

He later was also rumored to be extremely close to his other co-star Camila Cabello, in the movie Cinderella. Until then, it is evident that Nicholas is single and has not linked with anyone.

Conclusively, the actor is neither nor does he have a girlfriend nor a partner as per the sources. 

Nicholas Galitzine’s Net Worth

As Nicholas Galitzine has successfully acquired fame and name for his exceptional hard work and talent, he has managed to attract fortune and live independently. As of 2012, Galetzine’s net worth is predicted to be at $1 million.