Sydney Sweeney: Family Links, Dating & Relationship

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is an American actress, with an exceptional acting career of more than 10 years. With the support of her myriad followers and supporters, she has starred as a successful actress. 

Sweeney’s work is represented in many movies and television shows such as Downfalls High, The Voyeurs, Night Teeth, Robot Chicken, The White Lotus, and Euphoria. But, everything didn't come as easy for Sydney, so, let us dig deeper into what and how she faced her hurdles. 

Sydney Sweeney Wiki

Sydney Sweeney was born on September 12, 1997, and spent her entire childhood in Spokane, Washington. Currently, a 24-year-old is soon entering her 25 in the coming September.

She was interested in acting since she came to know about the auditions situated in her hometown and gradually pursued the same. 

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Sydney Sweeney’s: A Tight-Knit Family

A close family of 4, her father Scott Sweeney is associated with the medical field while her mother Lisa Mudd Sweeney is a legal practitioner and the chief executive officer of SBC Holdings, LLC.

As for her siblings, she has a younger brother named Trent Sweeney, professionally, an American actor and director famously known for his film A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007), Drifting, and The Opium Eater (2010). 

From what is perceived, and articulated by Sweeney herself, her parents are far-fetched from the world of fame and limelight.

But the daughter presented her idea of being an actress to both her parents at an early age by creating a slideshow presentation outlining all her multi-year plans. 

Later, her parents saw their daughter’s blossoming future in acting and took her seriously. However, it did take a longer time than she had planned, but she reached her destination. Lisa, her mother has been a supporter of her daughter’s work and a fan of it. 

But having said that, her parents are not present in the public arena and the same follows for the love life of Sydney’s brother Scott and his wife, Lisa Mudd Sweeney.

Furthermore, there are no specific details on how they met and their wedding details are not enclosed as well. 

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Is Sydney Sweeney Single, or Is She Dating? 

The actress isn't married to anyone so far, but Sweeney isn't single either! By far, she has managed to keep her private life a secret and out of the public eye as much as possible. But, how much can she hide it from the paparazzi? Sweeney was photographed multiple times with a guy named Jonathan Davino.

The boyfriend is an owner of a restaurant, a businessman, and an entrepreneur. Currently, he owns a pizza company named Pompei, which started in 1909. There were alleged rumors about their relationship for a very long time despite the duo making no official statements or confirmations.

There were quite a few instances where their romantic life was aired as exciting news when the couple was photographed spending quality time at Maui, Hawaii beach while on a vacation. It did not take much time for the picture to go viral on social media. 

Sydney and Jonathan on a vacation (Source: ThePopTimes)

Sydney Sweeney’s Net Worth Revealed

Euphoria actress Sweeney has reportedly made $325,000 for featuring in 13 episodes. She has also collaborated with many reputed brands and is believed to pay very well.

Sydney Sweeney is also earning some extra bucks to keep up with her life in LA by taking a lot of deals. 

Recently, she tied up with brands such as Armani and Miu Miu and serves as a brand ambassador. But the good news is that after her constant dedication and hard work she bought a home in Los Angeles.