Aaron Dominguez Is Rumored To Have a Girlfriend! Is He Dating Selena Gomez?

Aaron Dominguez and Selena Gomez

Aaron Dominguez is a pretty popular actor in Hollywood. He aroused to fame ever since he played the love interest of Selena Gomez on Only Murders in the Building. 

Likewise, there are many roles that he possesses with grace on-screen. Undoubtedly, he has been mesmerizing his audience for years through his contribution on-screen.

But, his actual personality off-screen is no less. Dominguez is a delight to an eye to all of his fans. Professionally, the actor has been setting milestones.

But what further keeps the fans intrigued is his life behind the scenes. So, if you are one of such personalities quenched with questions relative to his personal life encircling aspects relative to his girlfriend, dating history, and further. 

But, first, have a quick look at his Wikipedia. 

Who is Aaron Dominguez?

Aaron Dominguez is quite of a reserved personality who has kept pretty much of his information low-key and private.

Specualtions state that as of 2022, he is twenty-nine years old but the exact date of his birth is yet to be acknowledged. 

It is believed that his birth date is somewhere around August. 

The actor is American and his ethnicity is recognized as mixed. 

Further information about his family, siblings, parents, and more are still behind the curtains as the actor has ensured to keep it out of the limelight. 

Careerwise, he is believed to have risen to prominence since he started enacting in TV commercials and eventually his journey to Hollywood started. 

It has not been much since Dominguez rose to prominence in the entertainment industry. 

As mentioned earlier one of his roles as a love interest of Selena Gomez had garnered the attention of many.

Besides the flamboyant portrayal of both the actors what else kept the fans intrigued was the relationship, the actors shared within. 

Recently, he has gotten into beef since the rumors of him dating Selena Gomez ignited the spark. So, what is the real thing? Keep reading to find out.

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Is Aaron Dominguez Dating Selena Gomez?

Well, if you are one of such fans who has been shipping them for quite a long period then it is pretty sad to state that the actors are not dating at all.

Selena and Dominguez are nothing more than just good friends. 

They have been spotted hanging out together multiple times but it is in no way linked to their romantic dating. 

They were spotted all cozy together due to which people came up with several conclusions. But, since nothing has come up from their sides, it is pretty clear that Selena Gomez is not his girlfriend. 

Aaron Dominguez and Selena Gomez
Aaron Dominguez and Selena Gomez (Source: Pinkvilla)

Dominguez was heavily trolled by Selena's fans where he was asked to stay the f*** away from her. 

Acknowledging all of these, Selena finally thought of speaking up and bashed all the disrespectful fans who had been trolling her co-star for nothing but hanging out with her.

She even talked about the paparazzi who had been invading their shooting for Only Murders in the Building without permission.  

So all the eye-raising pictures leaked of Selena and her co-star were from the shoot so it is very much clear that they are not really dating.

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Who is Aaron Dominguez's Girlfriend?

As mentioned above, the actor is pretty introverted and is decisive over keeping it as low-key as possible.

For now, he has not provided any disclosure on his having a girlfriend. Based on that, we can speculate that the actor is solely career-focused and has no plans on dating.  

Currently, the actor is married to his profession while garnering a hefty sum. As per the reports, his net worth is speculated to be around $700k. 

None of the credible sources have brought any specific information relevant to his net worth yet.