Aesha Scott Is Planning To Get Married? Who Is She Dating Now? Insights into Her Relationship

Aesha Scott

Aesha Scott is a known television personality who came to attention with her performance and appearance in the reality show, named Below Deck Down Under. 

Aesha Scott was seen in season four and season five of the reality TV show and she was also seen working as a second stewardess as a co-star alongside the chief stew, Hannah. 

Scott is known for her positive attitude and became a fan favorite in Seasons 4 and 5 of Below Deck and her fans are more inquisitive to know more about this charming personality. So, let us dig deep and know the details of Aesha Scott. 

As of now, Aesha Scott is 33 years old she was born in 1988 and came from Los Angeles, USA. She is currently residing in New Zealand ad loves traveling to many different places.

Scott has renewed her Standards of Training, certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers and she had contemplated leaving her matching career behind.

She has also been active in the industry and is side by side renewing her certification. 

Aesha Scott Is Famous For What? 

Aesha Scott is very famous for being in the reality TV show, Below Deck Down Under and she has been in season four as the second stewardess and also one of the liked contestants in the show. 

Viewers and many people loved her inappropriate and indecent jokes in the show and found herself a very charming and goofy personality.

She was yet again seen in season five after a contestant named Hannah was fired. Scott was seen having a romantic relationship with a guy named Jack during her first season on the show. 


A post shared by Aesha Jean (@aesha_jean)

Jack and Aesha soon fell for each other and were in a relationship till the end of the season.

The couple were in a relationship till the end of the season and were in love with each other.

Jack was also pretty much into Scott as he used to write poetry for Aesha. 

Well, things went quite below the line and the couple decided to split as Jack went to the United Kingdom and started to see his ex-girlfriend.

Well, for Aesha it was too much to take, and decided to break the relationship. 

Scott returned to another season but she was not ready to start any romantic relationship and she took a break for some time. 

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Who Is Aesha Scott Married?

Well, the answer to this is a no, for now, Aesha Scott is not married.

As of now, Aesha Scott is dating her boyfriend, Scotty Dubbo, and they had been dating for more than a year.

Well, Scott revealed her boyfriend by sharing photographs of them on her Instagram in July 2020. 

As it is quite evident that Aesha Scott loves traveling and is seen traveling with her boyfriend to many places and is believed to meet her boyfriend Scotty Dubbo way back in her high school days.   


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The couple has not mentioned or shared any news regarding their wedding bells and is enjoying their new romantic relationship as it is their dating phase.

It seems as if her boyfriend, Scotty Dublo is a great companion and was also seen going on traveling, hiking, horseback and riding, and many adventurous activities. 

Well, the couple is pretty close with each other and is enjoying their time together as a young and energetic couple making memories and taking up new experiences in life. 

The two might soon come up with the news of getting married, but they might be taking time to let their dating chapter take a beautiful turn first. 

Meet Aesha Scott on Instagram

Aesha Scott is very active on her social media, especially Instagram. She goes by the name @aesha_jean.

She has about 504k followers on her Instagram account and is seen sharing her vacation travel diaries, and many pictures with her boyfriend and their relationship.  

Scott has shared many pictures on her feed, and currently, she has a total of 1k posts on her Instagram and is pretty much seen most of her daily life in the feed.