Is '90 Day Fiance' Famed Aladin Jallali Married? Find Out His New Wife, Ex-wife & Divorce

Aladin Jallali

Aladin Jallali is a fitness coach and an entrepreneur. He is a well-known star cast featured in the TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season. Aladin was seen on the show with fellow star Laura but the two soon parted ways due to a number of differences.

The TLC star however has found love all over again. He has publicly announced that he is married to his new wife and is the happiest man with his wife. Let’s find out about Aladin’s new wife and what he has shared about her.

Aladin Jallali Wiki, Age & Early Life

Aladin Jallali whose original name is Ala Eddine Jallali is a Tunisian and was born in  Tunisia, Africa, and originally has Arabic ethnicity. Though his personal information is not much available on the Internet, Aladin was 28 years old when he married his 90 Day’s Fiance star cast, Laura. So presuming his age we can say that he was born in the year 1988. He is in his 30s right now.

The TLC star proclaims himself as a Brad Pitt lookalike due to their similar appearances. Aladin was in Qatar when Laura flew all the way down from the USA to visit him but he has moved back to his country Tunisia and lives there with his family. He is a Muslim by religion and has his own Tunisian culture for which he has the utmost respect.

Aladin Jallali Married

Aladin married Laura but they didn’t last for long. However, the man is not alone anymore. He has found love all over again and in fact, is quite happy with his partner. He is a married man now and he has taken on social media to share this news. He is married to Maria Talebi a Canadian, who seems madly in love as Aladin is often seen sharing Instagram stories with Maria.

The rumors of his marriage first surfaced in September 2021 as he shared a picture of his hand with his wife which had a shiny ring and used the hashtag, “#husbandandwife”. He has also shared many pictures with Maria but all had her face hidden with stickers. He confirmed his marriage when he finally shared his marriage photos on his private Instagram. As he posted the pictures of their marriage he wrote that how her wisdom and love have been blessing in his life and promised to devote his life to loving her and making her happy.

Maria’s own Instagram handle is private but we can read on her bio, “In relationship with @aladinjallali” which clears out all the remaining doubts about their marriage.

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Aladin Jallali Wife

Aladin is married to his wife Maria Talebi and the two are supposed to have been dating since 2020. Aladin made their relationship official in July 2020 as he was seen tagging Maria on the photos from their romantic vacation in Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki beach. The TLC star has finally confirmed his marriage through his private Instagram page.

Aladin with his wife Marie Talebi (Source: Instagram)

There is not much news on who his wife is. Maria’s social media is private and Aladin himself seems to prefer privacy regarding his wife. He wants to keep his wife away from the spotlight.

Aladin Jallali Ex-wife

Aladin was married to Laura previously. The two fell for each other virtually and has a virtual relationship for 9 months. Laura flew to Qatar to meet Aladin which was followed by the 90 Day Fiance cast and the two showcased all their misunderstandings, cultural differences, and shortcoming on the show.

The two had an age gap of 20 years but despite the age difference, they married in July 2018 by the end of the show. As predicted by most of the fans the marriage didn’t last long and they soon parted ways in October 2019.

Laura has confirmed in the show 90 Day Fiance Diaries that she is single at present and has been living with her son Liam in London, Ontario. She has been single for a long and wants to be with a man and feel everything all again.

Why Aladin Had A Divorce?

Reportedly, Aladin was the one to file for divorce. He had asked for the divorce within the 6 weeks of their Tunisian marriage. He alleged that she catfished him to believe that she was 40 with all the edited photos. Laura, moreover, fueled the controversy by claiming she was pregnant with his baby and later tried to prove to the world that he was gay.

Their marriage was broken for the two main reasons that they had a huge age and cultural differences. Aladin was only 28 when he married Laura while she was 51. Laura belonged to Canada and had totally different ways of living while Aladin was from a Tunisian family. Moreover, Laura had a 21-year-old son Liam who didn’t like Aladin.

Net Worth

Jallali has launched his own company MC Travel Tours in Tunisia and owns his own barbershop which gives haircuts to men. Besides that, he is also in a new job as a Gabes resident now. He has also a popular fandom garnered from the reality show 90 Day Fiance. With everything on his side, he definitely has a good living with good earnings. Though his net worth is yet to be calculated we can say that he owns a hefty sum of money.

Social Media

You can find Aladin Jallali on Instagram with 174K followers. However, his Instagram page is private and not approachable to the public.