Alex Moffat & His Wife Share an Adorable Baby! Explore Their Married Life

Alex Moffat

Saturday Night Live's fame Alex Moffat is a barrel of laughs who has been creating headlines with his hilarious comedy and astounding acting skills. 

The talented personality is acknowledged in a plethora of different aspects. His colossal career is a source of motivation for all the aspirants who dream to see themselves shine on the stage.

If you are one of Moffat's fans, then his professional accomplishment might not just be the only matter of concern to you. 

He has recently been quenched with questions regarding his personal life aspects that are inclusive of the actor having a wife, dating, or furthermore. 

Who is Alex Moffat's Wife?

Well, the versatile personality is actually married to his better half, Caroline Rau. The two tied the knots in 2017 and ever since they have been cherishing the wondrous journey of life together. 

One of the fun facts states, that Moffat's wife too, carries the same sense of humor as her husband. 

Rau is also a well-recognized comedian who is best known for her show, The Violet Hour. As fascinating as the title is, so is she. 

Moffat's wife portrays herself as Winifred Coombe, and that side of her is loved by her fans. 

Well, this is not her only recognized work, she has a lot more to flaunt. Rau is also remembered to have worked as a director and producer in 2016's documentary film entitled, The Coming Woman. 

The movie is quite interestingly filmed as its story runs on the first American woman who ran for designating herself as the president.

We will preserve the spoilers for now as the essence of the entire story injected into the movie can only be grasped if you view it by yourself. 

Now, the real question is, how did Moffat and his humorous wife got knotted into this beautiful bond? Here is the full story. 

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How Did Alex Moffat and His Wife Meet?

The comedian duo has always kept the information regarding their relationship behind the camera flashing. 

However, some resources claim, that the couple first landed their eyes upon each other in 2012 during the audition for the commercial for Velveeta Cheese. 

Alex Moffat with his wife Caroline Rau
Alex Moffat with his wife Caroline Rau (Source: Hollywood mask)

They grasped several glimpses of each other and eventually ended up dating each other. 

No other details on their love story or how the entire dating thing started have been public yet. 

However, after a significant time of dating each other, Moffat knelt down on his knees, and in 2016, he proposed to his girl for getting married. 

After four years of getting married, the couple even gave birth to an adorable baby girl named Everett. Both the couple shares adorable glimpses of their little baby online.

Alex Moffat with his adorable baby girl
Alex Moffat with his adorable baby girl (Source: Married Wiki)

The family of three seems immensely drenched with love and affection. 

The public is really happy to see Moffat leading such a lovely life alongside his little baby and a supportive wife.

But, what has really been concerning them at the moment is the comedian leaving SNL, a show that showered him with so much fame and love worldwide. 

So, what is the reason?

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Why did Alex Moffat Leave SNL?

The actual reason behind this is still a mystery. Moffat has sealed his lips and kept things personal when it comes to unveiling the actual reason for him quitting the show. 

But, it is not just him, a series of other different people have reportedly come to a conclusion about leaving the show. Well, the reasons still stay private but some reports speculate he to have done so in order to focus on other different projects.

Probably, Moffat is out to seek exposure to other different fields and try out new things. 

That is the reason why his fans are again concerned about his net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Moffat garners a massive sum of $3 million. 

With tremendous income, while leading a lovely married journey, and being blessed with an adorable baby, Moffat is actually living the best out of his life.