Ali Astall’s Emerging Baby Bump! Is She Pregnant?

Ali Astall with her baby bump at BAFTA 2018

Ali Astall is one such personality who is unaware of her boundaries when it comes to achieving. She has been setting milestones in her career ever since she stepped into doing what she loves. Astall is a well-recognized talent manager by profession. 

Her stories however are not just bound to her professional upliftment. Astall's personal life too has endeavored the journey towards love, affection, and care.

She has been writing another chapter of her life while having her hands clenched together with her better half. Everything relative to Astall's love life will be covered beneath but let us first dive into her short background. 

Ali Astall Wiki, Age

Astall, a lovely lady, was born on December 18, 1978, in Newcastle, Australia. She was grown and brought up in that beautiful city. She was born to parents Angela and Anthony Astall.

The talent manager also has a brother as her sibling named Simon Astall. However, not much about her academics have come to light yet. It seems as if Astall is quite reserved when it comes to bringing her personal history to the limelight.

As of 2022, she is 43 years old and by this age, the upliftment she has had is unbelievable. She was brought into the limelight ever since she got married to her better half. 

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Who Is Ali Astall's Husband?

Astall walked down the aisle with Declan Donnelly in 2015. Their wedding took place within a small circle of friends and family. The husband and wife duo has been cherishing the aroma of love ever since. To this date, they are together while standing still and devoted to their relationship.

Both of them are independent and working but that is not really a hindrance to their ongoing relationship. Astall and her husband, Dec are aware of their priorities and articulation of time for each other. 

Well, if you are wondering how these perfect mates came across each other, we have got your back. 

How Did Ali Astall and Dec First Meet?

Astall many years back used to work as the talent manager of Dec for over a decade.

Reports suggest that they both landed their eyes upon each other for the very first time while being professionally involved. Also, they went out to hang out pretty often and by 2014, they started dating. Eventually, their hearts matched and today they are bound into marital vows and promises. 

Not much about their love story has been talked about openly yet. Astall usually shies away from the camera and is not much seen in the limelight. However, sometimes she does get spotted with her husband.

The talent manager alongside her husband just looks perfect. Despite her being camera shy, she does not miss a chance when it comes to supporting her husband.

Despite being aware of her getting encircled by a hefty mass and spotlights, she comes there for her husband. On March 13, 2019, she was there for Dec who had been hosting the Night Takeaway. 

It was his very first time hosting completely on his own. His lady was there to boost his confidence while being seated in the first row and cheering out loud for him. 

Their bonding has always gained the spotlight. But, at the moment what else catches the attention of people, is that tiny little baby bump emerging out of Astall.

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Is Ali Astall Pregnant?

Astall and Dec have already been blessed with a baby, their daughter, Isla Elizabeth Anne Donnelly, in 2018. Even with their first child, the couple held it a secret until her 12-week pregnancy.

But, when they opened up about it officially, everyone was so happy for them. Astall and Dec were not reported on having any children afterward. 

However, after these many years, Astall is speculated to be pregnant again with her baby number 2. 

Ali Astall with her speculated baby bump
Ali Astall with her speculated baby bump (Image Source: Dailymail)

Recently, the paparazzi spotted the former talent manager with hoodies and leggings. After the picture shot was taken, it was articulated all over the Internet. It is because her baby bump seemed to have emerged. 

However, there is no surety about her getting pregnant again. Resources like Dailymail did make speculations on the basis of the picture, but Astall by herself is yet to acknowledge this news about her second child.