Emilia McCarthy Reported To Be in a Relationship? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Emilia McCarthy

 Emilia McCarthy is one of such names who has been setting milestones through her accomplishments and achievements since years of persistence and conviction devoted to the entertainment industry.

The Canadian actress rose to eminence with movies like Bunks, Maps to the Stars, and a lot more. Her professional background has always been a matter of discussion to the audience. But, for now, what keeps the fans even more intrigued is her personal life. 

People are wondering if this beautiful lady has taken an initiative with the love of her life so far. Well, we will acknowledge and cover up each of the aspects that keep you wondering.

But before let us take a dig into a short briefing of the actress. 

Emilia McCarthy's Wiki, Age

McCarthy was born on August 28, 1997, in a Canadian city, i.e., London, Ontario. The actress was born to parents Margarita De Antuñano and Barry McCarthy. She descends as Irish. 

Growing up she had a whole different aroma installed within. That little girl was packed with compassion and qualities to try her feet into acting. And, this passion of hers was fully appreciated and supported by her parents.

They stood beside and aided in fulfilling each of the dreams their little angel saw. In 2014, the actress successfully grasped her graduate degree from Westdale Secondary School.

Emilia McCarthy's Childhood Picture
Emilia McCarthy's Childhood Picture (Image Source: Biography Mask)

Eventually, to step into her dreams she joined Ryerson University. She still had not given up on her academic completion. It was her top priority back then. McCarthy had been arranging things alongside. 

She had her major in film studies and minor in Psychology. She did qualify academically too and then chased her dreams. To this date, she has been setting milestones professionally. 

Alongside her professional flourishment, the actress has also embellished her personal path of life with blossoms of love with her boyfriend.

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Emilia McCarthy's Relationship Timeline

The Canadian actress was first reported to be in a relationship with Sam Gray. They both spent holidays together and also flooded the social media page with adorable pictures of each other.

In 2019, they marked their four years of togetherness. However, that ongoing relationship suddenly took a pause and the two paved their way apart due to unknown reasons. 

Ever since the separation, they have not been seen together. Despite the heartbreak, McCarthy did move on from her life and today she is savoring the flavors of love alongside a supportive partner namely, Alek Bélanger.

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Who is Alek Bélanger?

He is a wine enthusiast who is a social media influencer too. He has been reported to be her boyfriend recently.

Since when and how are still the questions that are needed to be answered. She had been keeping things private unless one day she posts an adorable picture with her rumored boyfriend Alek Bélanger.

She addresses the guy as her BFFL which did get kind of suspicious to many. People started assuming that the two have been dating for quite a while. However, once Bélanger posted a picture of him and McCarthy sipping wine.

To that, the actress comments, "My favorite brother" whereas the actor replies with "My favorite sister." This widens the perplexities among their fans even more. It is because the rumored couple is yet to address the rumors and confirm being in a relationship.

However, by keeping their frequent posts and together time under surveillance we can sort of creating an assumption about the two dating. Also, nothing can be confirmed unless they speak their feelings out to the world all by themselves. 

The age gap between the two is not known too. As of 2022, McCarthy is yet to turn twenty-five, but her rumored boyfriend has not really made any disclosure on his age yet.

Despite the disclosure is under review, the two do look great together. If any confirmation of their relationship hits the Internet, it would be a lovely point of address to their valued audience.