Glee Star: Ali Stroker’s Announcement on Pregnancy, Accident and Her Marriage

Ali Stroker posing

A Broadway star, Ali Stroker announces her pregnancy with her husband David Perlow as Ali shared her sonogram shot on Instagram quoting, about having a baby. She also happily said that a new member of the team is going to be added soon in November. 

Ali uses a wheelchair since she can't walk as she suffers spinal cord damage due to a tragic accident, making her immobile from the waist down. We will dive into these aspects soon, but first, let us have a short overview of her life.

Ali Stroker's Wiki and Age

Alyson Mackenzie Stroker was born on June 16, 1987, which makes her the age of thirty-five as of 2022. She was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States of America. She was born to parents Jim Stroker and Jody Schleicher. 

Talking about her siblings, she has two of them, an older brother and a younger sister named Jake and Tory respectively. Stroker shares a lovely bond with each of them.


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However, it is not just her siblings and parents who have embellished her life with happiness. Her life has been garnered with a lot more. Let us have an insight into all the lovely chapters of her life. 

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New-Born With Beloved Husband

A Tony-award winner, who made history as the first wheelchair-using actor in the year, 2015, Stroker uploaded a picture of her and her husband looking happy in a collage photo of a sonogram and themselves.

She also made her announcement to be very meaningful as the day also embarked on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. 

Along with that, the couple’s famous pals, like Cynthia Nixon and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, congratulated them in their post wishing the couple a blissful journey ahead of them.

Similarly, Matt Bomer expressed his blessings by putting up the heart and crying-face emojis in his comment. 

Ali Stroker and husband
Sonogram picture with husband (Source: Instagram)

The couple had their first meeting while starring in “Spring Awakening” at the Deaf West Theater revival in 2015. But, in their early days, they had met in college.

Eventually, they started dating, got engaged, and we all know the story after. 

Although with the big news breaking on the Internet, Ali Stroker has had her rough days post her unfortunate accident.

Let us walk through her instances and know more about the event!

Ali Stroker: Unexpected Accident and What Happened to Her?

A dreadful incident occurred which led to her chest-to-hip paralysis ever since she and her brother named Jake were injured in a tragic car accident.  

She succumbs herself to an unfortunate event where she stated, “One day your life is one way, and the next it is completely different.”

However, there have been many unavoidable instances that have violated physical limitations, especially in the course of sports or extracurricular activities. 

But her early realization at the age of 7, Ali Stroker stood up for herself and had a perception that she was equally able as everyone else, including singing, acting, and other on-stage activities. She vividly recalls her very first on-stage performance in a backyard play put up by a close family friend and a neighbor.  

She describes the time when she felt the most powerful, intact, and very different when she started to show off her talent in singing, and as a result, she received a lot of attention and people graced her with utmost support and love.

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How Did Ali Stroker Land in a Wheelchair? Her Net Worth?

Ali Stroker is known as a pioneer of Broadway who addressed her disability as a game-changer and a source of inspiration to other people with similar stories. 

The first Tony-Award nominee and the winner who performs in a wheelchair set a breakthrough saying every child and a being watching me today with a similar disability, restriction, or challenge holds a bright future ahead with a positive attitude and a will to conquer.

Despite a plethora of setbacks, she holds herself capable enough of garnering a heft net worth of $1 million. Many sources speculated on the annual income of the dexterous lady. 

Not much about her salary has come to light yet. 

Ali Stroker, enrolled herself at NYU to pursue her interest in drama, where she stated herself to have discovered her passion. She recalls her past days when she felt she was constantly in the eyes of people while she toured campuses when visiting colleges.

She recalls the journey to be quite difficult as many times there have been pretty odd instances where cabs and trains have shown her cold-shoulder behavior. But despite the gory parts, Ali has an abundance of courage to visit different places in the future, after encountering all the odds in New York. 

Since a hurtful incident at just the age of two with her brother, Ali Stroker has been paralyzed from the chest down, but she hasn't led herself as a successful woman in terms of career and a family and has not let her disability affect her in any way!