Is Heartstopper’s William Gao Gay? Insight Into His Partner & Dating History

Actor William Gao

The British actor, theatre artist, social media influencer, singer, musician, model, and entrepreneur William Gao has made quite a name for himself. 

The actor appears in Netflix's popular LGBTQ+ series called Heratstopper where he plays the role of Tao Xu.

Heartstopper William Gao was born on Feb 20, 2003, in England. Willaim's age is 19 years old as of 2022. 

Moreover, it's been reported that the actor grew up in Croydon in South London. He is also said to have a sister named Olivia Gao and a brother whose name is not known.

In May 2019, Willaim Gao was accepted to be a member of the National Youth Theatre whose alums include Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

The actor was born to Asian parents and therefore holds Asian ethnicity. Talking about his nationality, he holds British nationality.

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William Gao's Series: Heartstopper

The coming of age series Heratstopper is a story about two teens Charlie and Nick who uncover their friendship to mean something more as they navigate through life and love.

In the series, William Gao portrays Tao Xu who is best friends with Tara Jones, Aled Last, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Sahar Zahid. William's Tao is very protective of his friends

Moreover, Tao Xu is the boyfriend of Elle Argent, played by Yasmin Finney. Elle Argent is a transgender girl who has transferred from an all-boys school to an all-girls school. Elle calls Tao "Tiny Tao" playfully.

Is William Gao Gay? Know His Partner

The actor hasn't talked about his sexuality in real life. So William Gao's sexuality isn't known. However, in the series Heartstopper, William's Tao Xu is a straight character who is the boyfriend of transgender girl Elle Argent. 

Also, he has not uttered a single word about him dating anyone or having a partner to cherish life with. Even if he is dating, the news is kept far off from the camera flashing. 

As of present, William Gao's single.

There has been no information about the actor's love interest. Moreover, William Gao's former relationships haven't been disclosed by the actor yet. He has kept his dating life very private away from media scrutiny.

People have been shipping him constantly with his co-star but he has not given a bit of a clue regarding him having a partner. 

Yasmine Filley, who portrayed the role of Elle in the series shared a love interest where they were seen hugging and snuggling around.

But, behind the screens, not much chemistry has been identified between Gao and his on-screen partner. 

But, since the actor has kept his lips tightened up regarding him having a partner, fans have started getting skeptical about his sexuality.

What Is William Gao's Sexuality?

The actor hasn't discussed his sexuality openly in the public yet. So we don't know what Willaim Gao identifies as. In the Heartstopper series, the actor is portrayed as a straight male.

However, the reason behind people constantly being curious about his gay rumors and sexuality is that he garnered the guts to speak up for the LGBTQ community. 

He publicly claimed the love and respect he carries toward the community. 

However, just because he spoke in support of gay rights and has stayed single throughout without seeking a partner, got critics to create false headlines regarding his sexuality and dating history. 

Willaim Gao's Net Worth

Heratstopper's William Gao is estimated to have a net worth of around $400K to $500K. Besides being a songwriter, William's acting career has also strengthened his net worth.

The actor has released music including Misfit Biscuit, U Deserve, Burning Eyes R Calling, Why Don’t U Love Me, and other singles.

The actor is on Instagram with over 2 million followers. Besides IG, William doesn't seem to use any other social media.