Amanda Seyfried Was Suffering ‘Tough Case of COVID’ On Morning Of Her Oscar Nomination

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is not a new name to Hollywood. She is a well-known American actress, singer, as well as a model. She is recognized as Karen Smith from the classic teenage drama movie Mean Girls. She had got a nomination for the Oscars this year for her performance in Mank.

The actress has recently made an appearance on Seth Mayer'stalk show Late Night with Seth Meyers. The actress shared that she was suffering from what she called “a tough case of COVID” in the episode aired on October 26.

She revealed that she had just found out she had been nominated at the 2021 Oscars for Best Supporting Actress when that happened. Ironically, Amanda had taken the COVID vaccination shot just two days before she got sick.

She Was Suffering A Tough Case Of Covid.

The actress has disclosed all the details of what happened on the talk show with host Seth Mayer. It was pretty hard on Amanda to deal with press and interviews while she was suffering real bad. Nonetheless, she succeeded in keeping the news to herself.

She dealt with everything an Oscar nominee normally has to do despite feeling terrible. It was only six months later that she opened up about it in front of the millions of viewers of the talk show.

The reason she didn’t want to tell anyone about her illness was that she did not want to be part of a clickbait or anything like that. Luckily, Amanda got vaccinated for covid just a couple of days before testing positive. She recalls the whole experience as stressful.

Along with her battle with Covid, the actress has also opened about the hardships of being a mother in the talk show. Amanda also gave a piece of information about her upcoming movie.

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Oscar Nomination

Amanda had wanted her mother to break the news of whether she got an Academy Award nomination or not. The nominations for the 2021 Oscars were announced back on March 15 almost a month before the event.

She learned that she was up for an Oscar and she started doing interviews with the press. It was supposed to be a great time for her with the achievement. But her sickness made it one of the worst moments of her life.

Amanda said:

But I was also sleeping in because I had a tough case of COVID.

Oscar Award After Party

The actress took to Instagram to share a glimpse at her truly relatable after-party of the event.  She posted an honest photograph of the after-party through her Instagram story.

The after party image

The picture featured a glass of water and a breast pump. Amanda is a mother to a 7-month-old son and a 4-year-old daughter. So her picture probably meant it was time to feed her baby boy. Her husband Thomas Sadoski has also shared some shots on Oscars night.

Amanda's son watching his mother

He and his tiny tot could be seen watching his mom make an appearance on the TV screen in the picture Thomas posted. Surely not too bad to be able to have such a tiny loyal fan. 

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda was born on 3rd December 1983. The 35 years old actress was raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her father Jack used to work as a pharmacist whereas her mother Ann was an occupational therapist. Amanda says that she grew up in a close-knit family:

My older sister, Jenn, is like my best friend. My parents are still together. They were amazing parents.

She started modeling at the age of eleven. She has also ventured into acting gigs at the age of fifteen with recurring roles as Lucy Montgomery on the CBS soap opera.

She has admitted to suffering from anxiety attacks from an early age. The kind of anxiety she had was a type of obsession and she thinks it was helpful. Her breakthrough role in Mean Girls was the character of a ditzy popular blonde. She still is grateful for the movie as it introduced her to fame.

Amanda in Mean Girls

Amanda as Karen Smith in Mean Girls

The actress is seen as a phenomenal performer by many. Getting an Oscar nomination is an achievement on its own. Amanda married the actor Thomas Sadoski, her co-star in The Last Word in March 2017 after a year of dating. She has two kids, a son and a daughter from the marriage.