Andrew Santino: Speaks Up About His Sexuality! Is He Gay or Does He Have a Wife?

Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino, a barrel of laughs, profoundly known for his flamboyant stand-up comedies, movies, and podcasts recently has been trapped amid a plethora of speculations.

His fans have started drawing conclusions and assumptions about him being either gay or homosexual. It is probably because they find his jokes involve a lot of homosexual content.

So what is the real thing? Keep on reading to find out. 

Andrew Santino's Wiki, Age

Andrew W. Santino was born on October 16, 1983. in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. The comedian was born to parents Michael S. Santino and his mother whose name has not been disclosed yet.

Moreover, information related to his siblings too is kept hidden from the public. It is probably because there are boundaries Santino has set for himself when it comes to making revelations. 

Also, some rumors suggest that the comedian was raised by his single mother. There might be stories he is not willing to disclose. Santino was passionate about acting and impersonating from quite a young age.

People with the prettiest smiles have the darkest stories, they say. But, none of the stories has been ever brought up from his side to this date. This might also be the reason why the audience has stayed curious to dig in deep about his personal life.

Rumors found their way to his stand-up comedies too. Santino included a bunch of homosexual jokes on his stand-up comedy shows lately, due to most of his audience has been wondering if the comedian himself is homosexual or gay in real life.

It is because most of the stories are inspired by real-life consequences, so things as such might have raised questions. 

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Is Andrew Santino Gay?

All the fuss started ever since Santino portrayed the role of their brother of Sally in one of the American comedy series, How I Met Your Dad (2014). Furthermore, in 2017, he also came up with a YouTube video where he was seen making jokes about himself and addressing his childhood self as gay. 

After a risky portrayal as such and a bunch of gay jokes getting put into his comedy series got many wondered about and question his sexuality.

One of the stand-up comedy lines that got people even more skeptical about him was,

I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact, ed head kids skating backward, I was a gay man, I was gay when I was in the third grade, u were all gay in third grade.

After quite a while, he started posting pictures with one of his comedian friends namely Chris D'Elia. They were seen hanging out way too often and also kept on posting pictures together.

People were throwing questions after questions but surprisingly he neither did answer yes nor did he say no. So, a lot of the situations thing had been taking place at the moment.

Andrew Santino with Chris (deleted post)
Andrew Santino with Chris (deleted post) (Image Source: Liverampup)

However, one day, he announces he's getting married to Chris. People were left spellbound after witnessing such a piece all of a sudden. But, little did they know that the comedian was doing nothing but pulling out a prank on his audience.

He was quite aware of the gay rumors so he just took a moment to play around. Later, reports were revealed stating Santino not being gay and was indeed married to the lady of his life.

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Who is Andrew Santino's Wife?

As mentioned earlier, the comedian keeps his life as far as possible from the media. This was one of the reasons why his marital relationship never came out.

After the Internet blew up with his gay rumors, that is when he dug into it and admitted to having a wife whose face too was kept a secret for years. Also, to this date, he has kept that information behind the curtains. 

It all just happened unwillingly. To this fans again came up with rumors about him getting a divorce with her and stuff as such. A lot of discussions went on Reddit too. 

But, as Santino himself has not addressed this further, no conclusions can be made.