Is Annie Lederman In A Relationship? Meet The Alleged Boyfriend Of The YouTube Star

Annie Lederman

The comedian and YouTube star Annie Lederman rose to fame with her comedy sketches. Understandably, many of her fans are curious to learn whether she is dating anyone. Annie often mentions her undisclosed boyfriend in her videos. But that is the extent of it, Annie has not given the name of her boyfriend.

Her fans' speculations are inclined towards her professional partner, Todd Walker. Todd has produced and edited many of her YouTube and podcast content. He has even been featured in videos with Annie. The two frequently collaborate in Annie's videos. This has led the fans to be suspicious.

On 22 April 2021, Todd's father Wayne Walker shared a picture of Annie and Todd embracing each other with the caption "Love Birds". This could only mean one thing. Even though neither of them ever spoke about the alleged romance, it is speculated that they are dating.


A post shared by Wayne Walker (@wallythemc)

The only thing Annie has ever revealed about her boyfriend is that he is half Asian. And Todd indeed is half Asian. Annie has also stated that her relationship became official during the pandemic but didn't mention who. 

Who Is Todd Walker?

Todd  Walker is a New Jersey native. He was born to parents Wayne and Vanessa Walker. Todd grew up with two brothers Wayne Jr. and Tim Walker. He hails from Thai, Laotian, and American ancestry. Todd’s brother Wayne Jr. owns the Walker Vapor Group. Wayne Jr is also the creator behind the DIY or DIE brand. His other brother Tim is based in New Jersey with his partner and child as well as their parents.

Todd graduated high school from Manchester Township High School. Then he went to Temple University and graduated from university as well. After graduation, Todd moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a production editor with The World Famous Comedy Store.

Todd edits most of Annie's videos. He also edits her podcasts. The two have managed to keep their relationship out of the limelight so far. Despite indirect confirmation from Todd's father, the duo has not spoken a word about it as of September 2021. However, Annie herself has commented on the post made by Todd's father with three heart emojis. From that, it looks like Annie has already met Todd's parents as well. 

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The Romantic Life of Annie Lederman

Annie had been open about her romantic relationship in the past. She had dated Ben Stewart in 2016. The couple used to mention each other in their tweets quite often.

On May 16, 2016, Annie retweeted a video posted by Ben:

Hardest part of your boyfriend being a rollerblader is trying to convince your parents he's not gay

There was no mention of the breakup from either side but they just stopped interacting online. Besides Ben, Annie used to frequently mention someone as "Kato" but she never revealed the identity of the person. On 14 March 2016, Annie has tweeted:

I married a guy I knew for 3wks when I was 21 &on ecstasy at a party &still think getting married on After the Rose is Trashy AF

But it is still unknown whom she is referring to by that tweet. Annie has admitted that she does want to get married in the future.

Personal Life Of The YouTube Star

Annie Lederman was born in Philadelphia on 20 July 1983 with a twin, Max Lederman. Annie attended a Quaker school growing up. During her teenage, Annie fell into the wrong peers and ended up going to a juvenile school.

Annie Performing

Annie performing (Source: Earn the Necklace)

Annie was sexually harassed by her art teacher which stripped her of her self-esteem. She fell into the trap of drugs abuse, gambling, and other criminal activities. In 2016, Annie admitted that most of her friends who couldn't get out of it passed away either by drugs overdose or road accidents.

Thankfully, Annie took time to get herself out of the drug addiction. She decided to take a gap year after high school graduation. She spent this time traveling, volunteering, and working for non-profit organizations. She eventually enrolled at The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Annie was always interested in doing comedy since her childhood. She pursued her passion after her life got on track. There has not been looking back for the comedian after that. 

Annie Lederman has 241K followers on her Instagram and 64.1K followers on her Twitter. Her YouTube channel has 32.6k followers.

What is the net worth of Annie Lederman?

Annie makes most of her money from her career as a comedian. Although the exact amount is not disclosed, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.