Who Is Salice Rose? Behind The Reason Salice Rose Breakup And Personal Life

Salice Rose

Salice Rose is a well-known content creator on social media platforms. She has been doing exponentially well in her career with her infectious personality. She is also recognized by people for her romantic relationship and ex-partner.

She is famous for a number of reasons apart from her career. One such reason is the number of tattoos she has inked on her body. She believes that she draws the inspiration for her tattoos from her religion which is Christian. She hopes to honor her culture and religion.

She is a renowned YouTuber who has openly come out as gay on her channel. She has explained her coming out story on her youtube channel in detail. She has had her fair share of heartbreaks in her life. Her fans love to keep up with the latest details of her love life. 


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Who Is Salice Rose? 

YouTube Salice Rose was born on 20 November 1994 in Lancaster, California. She hails of Peruvian ancestry. She was brought up alongside two brothers and a sister. Her sister is named Ashley but the names and professions of the rest of her family members are not revealed.

She has not given many details about her early life so far. She has disclosed her battle against mental health issues early in life. She has also admitted that she was kicked out of high school for unknown reasons. Hence, she might not have got the opportunity to complete her education.

She is a famous YouTube star with a total of 2.1 million subscribers on her channel. She has a large fan following on almost all social media platforms, She has over 13 million Instagram followers, 2.6 million Facebook followers, and 18.3 million TikTok followers.

Salice has posted about her vulnerability during her early life. She had also suffered from depression at one point in time. She has also mentioned her suicidal tendencies in the past. But she never shared the reasons that caused her mental illness.


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She speaks two languages fluently: English and Spanish. But she chooses English to communicate with her fans who come from various parts of the world. She rose to prominence in the middle of 2015 when the feature called My Story was introduced to Snapchat.

She created her Instagram page back in 2013. She started posting bold and sexy pictures of herself on Instagram. She also used to upload comedy videos which helped her gain more fame. Each Instagram post made her more and more popular.

At present, she also posts motivating captions along with her pictures. She wants to inspire people going through difficulties. She recalls her own struggle and reminds her fans that everything is going to be alright through her Instagram captions.

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Salice Rose Relationships And Breakups

Salice Rose is usually very secretive when it comes to romantic relationships. But she revealed her relationship in August 2019 with a video posted on Twitter. She had also written a caption that further clarified her relationship:

The wait is over. I’m shaking I’m so nervous. You guys…..MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!

She introduced her girlfriend Brilynn Ford to her fans with the video. But her relationship revelation ended up being controversial. One of her exes named Chas F posted a video on her YouTube channel to talk explicitly about Salice.

Chas accused Salice of being verbally and emotionally abusive during the course of their relationship. She also claimed that Salice did not let her have any job as she did not want her to be too far from her. Salice has also responded to the allegation with nearly a half an hour-long video denying the accusation.

Not too much information about Brillyn Ford is available at the moment except that she is from San Fransisco. Salice has refused to talk about her relationship with Brillyn in the Q & A of her YouTube channel. She has also added that she and Brillyn both are healthy but not together at the moment.

Net Worth

The mass following on her Instagram helped enable her modeling career as well. Her pleasing personality and beautiful appearance have drawn several brands. She does brand endorsements on her Instagram account which makes her extra money. 

Salice has also promoted apparel specially T-shirts, hoodies, and similar casual clothing for several companies. She had also promoted waist training products on her Instagram but she later deleted them due to controversy. She has a total net worth of almost a million dollars as of 2021. Her net worth surely will rise more in the future.