Everything You Need To Know About Brother Polight Along With His Net Worth And Personal Life

Brother Polight

Brother Polight is one of the most renowned speakers. He is also the founding member of a community called NuCovenant. It is an Egyptian mythology-based community. He is also a multi-linguistic person with fluency in over seven different languages.

He is also a successful author apart from being a speaker. Brother Polight has written more than 90 books. All of his books are based on the single idea of black sovereignty. He has also been arrested for possessing unregistered handguns

Brother Polight Wiki

Brother Polight was born on 10 August 1983. He, unfortunately, had lost his mother during the time of his birth. It got worse when his father also abandoned him.

His real name is Michael Noak Jr. 

He is better recognized by his online alias, Brother Polight. He is an American motivational speaker as well as an author. He was brought up in poverty and he had to work hard to survive. He was very keen on education despite all those difficulties.

He had studied with a medicine Guru called Dr. Sebi. He considered his teacher like his father figure. He had also been jailed once as a teenager for criminal activities. He turned his life around after he got out. His journey as a writer began afterward.

He had spent many nights crying in resentment of being left by his mother as a teenager. He later found out that his mother was told to not have another child by those around her. They even told him to have the child aborted.

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Who Is Brother Polight Wife?

Brother Polight is a great supporter of polygamy and has four wives. He is even believed to have two more wives soon. His first wife is Nysuttet Amunet Sent Atum-Re. The two were together since the year 1998. He has disclosed that he has children via a YouTube video in 2012.


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Polygamy is not legal in the United States. Hence, he has managed to stay in some sort of contract with all of his wives. These contracts clarify the custody of children and share properties with him. 

Personal Life

He has a total of four children through his wives. Two of his children even live together with him in his house. He has admitted that he always does discussions with his wives before he brings a new one into his life. He has also revealed that he had been doing homeschooling for his kids.

But the names and number of kids still remain unknown. He has spoken about bloodlines in some of his interviews. He believes that many powerful families have continued tier bloodlines throughout history.

Polight has also given an explanation about time management to demonstrate the advantages that Polygamy has had in his life.

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Net Worth

 His net worth is estimated at around $3 million as of 2021. His primary source of Income is revenue from his books. He also has a YouTube channel by the name of iAmBrotherPOLIGHR which also makes him some money. His channel has over 100k subscribers.

His videos have been viewed more than 8 million times so far. He runs multiple businesses at present and most of his businesses are doing well. Polight has invested plenty in digital currencies as well. He has clearly raised above his roots given that he was brought up in poverty.

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Website, Social Media

He does have a website called Brother Polight Write 90+books. His website allows visitors to book a seat to attend his lectures. He also has 308 followers on his Instagram account as of November 2021. Polight usually posts about his lifestyle as well as provides some inspirational speeches to his audience.