Carson Kressley in 2022: Rumored To Have Been Married? Who Is His Husband?

Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley is one of such names who has made huge recognition both behind and on screens. He is one of such TV personalities who have garnered immense love and support from people worldwide.

Kressley is an Emmy-winner TV personality who has marked his appearance in series like Dancing with the stars, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Celebrity Family Feud, and a lot more. 

Apart from having such a massive fan following with his on-screen performances, the actor has also garnered enough respect in the eyes of many with his written books off-screen.

Kressley has also won the title of the best author with his astounding written work in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. As an appreciation of this wonderful piece, a series was recorded too. 

However, aside from the establishment of a colossal career, the actor also has a personal life embellished with immense gaiety. He is a man of terms who accepts himself the way he is and does not let his sexual orientation or his being gay effect his personal peace.

He has been staying the way he wishes to ever since. And with that beautiful trait embodied, he has been prospering both professionally and personally. Let us dust off the base from his short briefing. 

Carson Kressley Wiki, Age

Kressley, a package of talent first stepped into the world on November 11, 1969, in Orefield, Pennslyvania. He was born to parents Wilbur and Georgia. The actor also has a beautiful sibling named Diana Kressley-Billig. 

Kressley descends from a pretty supportive family where his opinions and interests had always been valued. This man was always true to his family due to which the faith they had in him was huge.

With faith and support as such, the actor paved his way to flourishment and success constantly. Today, it is not his sexuality that defines him, instead, it is his accomplishment that defines who he actually is.

However, at the moment there are pretty speculations from the audience regarding his love life. A plethora of fans have also made assumptions on the actor having a husband already. So, what is the real thing?

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Is Carson Kressley Married?

Well, rumors are sporadic. On that basis, several conclusions and assumptions were drawn regarding Kressley's love life. A man who worked for the series, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, namely, Thom Filicia was speculated to be the actor's partner. 

Many made the headlines stating that Filicia and Kressley were married secretly and were husbands for each other. It is probably because of the sizzling chemistry they portrayed on-screen. 

They both seem immensely comfortable and at ease with each other's company. The comfort and confidence they possess together for sure are impeccable but that does not really mean that they are love partners.

Carson Kressley with his rumored husband Thom Fillicia
Carson Kressley with his rumored husband Thom Filicia (Image Source: Nicki Swift)

Until now, nothing from both sides has been made official. It is probably because both of them think of nothing but friends for each other. Filicia also said

We kind of help. It's very funny, you know; it's easier to talk to someone you're not flirting with so I'm really good. I can help him out when he's being a little shy. As per the sources, both of them are currently single and have no confirmed partners.

So, the rumors that ignited the spark of them being together are all false, We can not really claim anything before they come up with formal statements or evidence. 

But, Kressley had been in a relationship with one of the NFL players named Esera Tualo back then. However, Tualo is one of his ex-partners and they have not really been seen together ever since. 

Their relationship was public back then, but they broke up due to some unknown reasons after. Kressley is currently single now and does not really seem to be very interested in having a relationship at the moment. 

The actor seems really invested in his career and has been garnering a hefty net worth ever since.

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Carson Kressley's Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Kressley has a whooping net worth of $8 million. While being immensely invested in what he does, he has lifted himself up to this certain position today.

Recently, news has come up about him being involved in certain different projects. This 2022, we might see him working for big banners and projects.