Explore Heartstopper Cormac Hyde-Corrin's Wikipedia, Age, Sexuality & Gay Rumours

Cormac Hyde-Corrin

 The British actor Cormac Hyde-Corrin rose into prominence following his debut in the TV world through Netflix's new series called Heartstopper. Heartstopper is a coming-of-age story about two young teen boys who discover their friendship to mean more while navigating through school and life.

Cormac Hyde-Corrin Wiki And Age

Born in 2004 in Hackney, London, The United Kingdom, Cormac Hyde-Corrin’s age is 18 years old. His zodiac sign is said to be a Scorpio. Cormac's ethnicity is Caucasian. Not much is known about the teen actor's parents and siblings. Likewise, not much is known about Cormac's early life. The actor has kept his personal life very much out of media scrutiny. It's probably to protect his family's privacy.

Regarding his education, the actor is currently enrolled at the Brit School in Selhurst, Croydon. At school, Cormac is studying  Extended diploma B tech in Film and Media Production. It's also been revealed that the actor has a special interest in directing. 

What Is Cormac Corrin's Ethnicity?

Heartstopper actor Cormac's ethnicity is said to be Caucasian. His nationality is British.

Cormac Corrin Family

The actor was born to his father and mother in Hackney, England. Cormac's parent's name is not known yet. Despite being a public figure, the actor hasn't revealed any information regarding his family life to the media.

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Heartstopper Cormac Hyde-Corrin

Alise Oseman's ongoing webcomic series Heartstopper was recently adapted into a TV series by Netflix. Heartstopper is an LGBTQ+ series that follows the teen protagonist Charlie Spring(played by Joe Locke) from the time he meets Nick Nelson(played by Kit Connor) and shows how the friends eventually fall in love.


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Cormac Hyde Corrin portrays the character of Harry Greene who is Nick Nelson's classmate as well as a member of the school's rugby team. Harry hails from a very affluent background. Cormac's Harry is shown as an immature person who loves to annoy Nick and Charlie. 

What Is Cormac Hyde Corrin's Sexuality?

The heartstopper actor Cormac hasn't openly talked about his sexuality in the media. Therefore, the actor's sexuality is not known yet. However, he's assumed to be straight. Besides, in the heartstopper series, Cormac portrays the character of Harry Greene, a bully who goes to the same school as Charlie and Nick. Cormac's sexuality in the series is straight.

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Cormac Hyde Corrin Gay Rumours

Due to heartstopper being a pro-LGBTQ series, many fans have assumed the cast members to be gay. Fans were curious to know whether Hayry Greene, played by Cormac Hyde-Corrin, is gay in real life. However. there are no pieces of evidence that suggest that the actor is gay. Likewise, the actor has also not mentioned if he's straight.

Since Cormac hasn't openly talked about his sexuality, it's better not to assume it until the actor himself reveals it. Cormac's character Harry however is straight in the series. Harry Greene is seen as a homophobic person in Heartstopper. 

What Is Cormac Hyde-Corrin's Net Worth?

Heartstopper is Cormac's debut in the TV world. The actor's net worth is assumed to be between $100K to $500K. However, this is just an assumption. Neither Netflix nor the actor has mentioned his net worth. However, considering the show's widening popularity and success, Cormac's net worth is sure to be impressive.

Find Cormac Hyde-Corrin's Social Media

The actor is on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram with over 110K followers in total. Despite having such a following, Cormac doesn't seem to use IG much as he has only a total of 11 posts in his account. Besides Instagram, Cormac doesn't seem to be on any other social media.