Dani Bowman & Solomon Is Still Together? Find Out Her Relationship Journey on Love On The Spectrum U.S.

Dani Bowman

Dani Bowman is an American autistic animator, motivational speaker, and educator. The young and talented autistic animator began her own company DaniMation Entertainment only at the age of 14 and also teaches and educates other young people as well as those on the spectrum about animation.

Dani is a cast member of the show, Love on the Spectrum US which is a dating unscripted TV drama that premiered on 18 May 2022 on Netflix. In the show, Dani comes across as a genius, and her journey in finding the right one for herself who would match her fascination seems a bit rare. However, we get to witness Dani’s warm side as she goes on a date with Solomon who was completely opposite of her.

Ever since the date went well, fans of the show have eagerly been waiting for the future of the two’s relationship. Find out if the two are still together in the details below.

Dani Bowman’s Wiki, Age, & Parents

Dani Bowman is an autistic animator, motivational speaker, and educator. She was born on January 9, 1996. The 26-years-old animator celebrates her birthday on January 9 every year. She is from California, USA and she is currently living with her uncle and aunt in Los Angeles.

Dani has not provided much information about her family or parents. She has chosen to not reveal her parents' details. Therefore, her parents' details are not available. Nor there is anything mentioned about her siblings or any other immediate family member.

Dani had a passion for animation at a very early age as she mentioned that her parents would show her cartoons and animations to make her speak. She graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation. Then, she completed a Master’s Degree of Business Administration (MBA) in Management and Leadership.

Explore Dani Bowman’s Animation Career

Dani had a language delay due to which she didn't speak until the age of  6. So, her parents started showing her many cartoon characters and animations from which she built her passion. Dani started her own company DaniMation Entertainment during her early teen i.e. 14. The company is a cloud-based autism talent development company that produces original and contract animation, illustration, and graphic arts. She is also very supportive and a good educator as she trains and educates young ones including those on the spectrum about animation.


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The company of Bowman has produced a series of 6 illustrated children’s books, a PSA, nine animated shorts, and a music video premiering at San Diego Comic-Con. The Audition, The Home Office, Boys Don't Wear Dresses, and so on are some of the most famous works of her company. For her contribution in various fields, she has received numerous awards and honors, such as the Temple Grandin Award and Anna Kennedy’s honor.

Is Solomon Dani’s Boyfriend?

Solomon is a cast of Love on the Spectrum US who was set up on a date with Dani. He loves writing poems while Dani has immense love for the art of animation. Despite their contrasting nature, the two hit off quite well on the first date and also went on a second date. The two showed a spark of a romantic relationship initially but Dani was not sure if he was the one. He dated Dani for a few months but later they got separated.

Dani and Solomon’s Journey on the Love on the Spectrum US

Dani and Solomon met for the first time on their first date of Love on the Spectrum US. Dani wanted her future partner to share her love for art and animation. Solomon didn’t have the same fascination for animation as Dani but she was ready to accept him. They clearly shared their likes, dislikes, career, goals, and desires. The very first date went so well that they kissed at the end of the date. But, Dani was much conscious about their kiss on the first date and very fast steps toward their relationship. She also asked Solomon to take everything slowly.

Dani & Solomon
Dani & Solomon on their first date (Source: Instagram)

The two also went on a second date where they kissed again. After that, she took advice from the family that they are going too fast and maybe Solomon is not the one she was looking for. The family gave her advice to break up with Solomon and she did the same. From this event, Solomon was quite disappointed with her. After breaking up with Solomon, she became close to Adan and went on her first date with Adan. Despite all that Dani got back together with Solomon two months after filming wrapped up but things didn’t seem to work so they separated their further journey.

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Is Dani Bowman and Solomon still together?

Dani and Solomon went for a couple of dates and they shared mutual feelings for each other. However, Dani was not happy with the flow of their relationship and as a result, they got separated after they saw each other for a couple of months. 


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 After breaking up with Solomon, Dani became close with Adan through the autism spectrum. So, sometimes Adan is also rumored as Dani’s boyfriend. However, in an Instagram post, she said that she is single and it appears to be true as of now. 

Net Worth

Dani is a very successful and working animator who is quite established in the world of animation. She has her own company named DaniMation Entertainment which makes original content, illustrations, and graphics for those on the spectrum. The animator has produced several animated videos and content and she has also been awarded awards like the Temple Grandin Award and Anna Kennedy’s honor. Hence, the young animator is doing quite well in her life. Her exact net worth is though not displayed yet, but we are sure she owns a good sum of money from her profession.

Social Media

Dani Bowman is very active on Instagram. Though she doesn't have massive followers and a blue tick on her Instagram, she is seen posting pictures of her personal and professional life on Instagram. She has 2.3 k followers on her Instagram.