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Elodie Grace Orkin

In its fourth season, Elodie Grace Orkin is a young American actress featured in the Netflix television series Stranger Things. Orkin began her career in theaters and gradually made her way to the big screen. Penny in We Hunt Together, Kyle in Stage Fright, and Young Charlie in Saving Paradise are some of her notable roles. Elodie is presently starring as Angela, a bully, in the Netflix series Stranger Things, for which she has received a lot of praise.

Elodie Grace Orkin Wiki, Age, Parents

On June 10, 2004, Elodie Grace Orkin was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Orkin is 17 years as of 2022. Elodie's nationality is American, and she belongs to the white ethnicity. Elodie's father's name is Bill Orkin, and her mother's name is Leah Aiken. Her mother, in especially, treats her as if she were a personal friend. Most of Leah's Instagram posts are on her daughter Elodie and her accomplishments. On the other hand, her father does not utilize social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. She is devoted to her family.

Orkin is a SAG-AFTRA and Equity member. She has been professionally trained for numerous years and is competent in acting, singing, and dancing, among other things. Elodie made her television debut in 2018 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Following that, she appeared in the films. We Hunt Together, Stage Fright, and Saving Paradise. She was a big fan of the performing arts and had always aspired to improve her skills in that area.

Grace began to receive training and improved her abilities. The Millenium Dance Complex taught her a variety of dance styles and music from the Royal School of Music. Elodie studied voice, acting, music, and dialect at UCLA, YADA, Young Actors Studio, Dialect Guru, John D'Aquino Acting School, and other institutions.

Quick Facts About Elodie Grace Orkin

Real Name Elodie Grace Orkin
Date Of Birth(DOB) June 10, 2004
Place Of Birth Los Angeles, California
Age 17 years
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 5 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Relationship Single
Profession Actress
Net Worth $295k

Elodie Grace Orkin In Stranger Things

A Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has returned for a fourth season. Season four of America's most popular Netflix television shows premiered on May 27, 2022. Along with this, fan excitement was at an all-time high. As a result, Elodie Grace Orkin is one of the newcomers to that TV show. 

As a result, the cast of Stranger Things season four, Elodie, has piqued everyone's interest. Elodie is a popular teen performer who sings, plays the piano and acts. Elodie is presently starring as Angela, a bully, in the Netflix series Stranger Things, for which she is gaining a lot of attention.

Elodie Grace Orkin As Angela In Stranger Things

Angela, played by Elodie Grace Orkin, is a recurring figure in Stranger Things' fourth season. A student at Lenora Hills High School, Angela is a highly influential student who is shown to have a huge friend group and lots of trendy clothing. Elodie is Jake's girlfriend as well as Eleven's major bully. Angela enjoys bullying Millie Bobby Brown's character Eleven and never leaves her alone. Elodie's character in the series is seen as a bully as she keeps bullying and demeaning anyone who isn't on her level, including her lover, Jake.

Angela has no morality when it comes to bullying others, as evidenced by her surprise at being brought to the principal's office for ruining Eleven's project, even though she believed she had done nothing wrong. Angela has no regret for her acts, and her lack of guilt resulted in her being viciously attacked by an enraged Eleven when Angela's bullying drove her to her breaking point. Eleven attacked Angela with a roller skate which made her head crack open, resulting in a grade 2 concussion. After that incident, we don't see Angela again in the remaining episodes, but her parents have Eleven handcuffed and arrested in front of the entire neighbourhood.

Elodie Grace Orkin Dating

Elodie is currently believed to be single in her dating life. There isn't enough proof to indicate she's dating anyone. Elodie Grace Orkin is breaking into Hollywood movement photography for the first time. After viewing her work in movies, many people have developed feelings for her. 

There's no conclusive evidence that she's in a relationship. She is highly determined to achieve her goals and flourish in her career.

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Net Worth

Elodie Grace Orkin's net worth is reported to be around $295k. Orkin's acting career provides her with the majority of her earnings.

Social Media

Elodie Grace Orkin's social media includes her Instagram page with more than 15.6k followers. Since her casting as a member of the Stranger Things ensemble, She has amassed an increasing number of Instagram followers.