How Much Is The YouTuber HeyImBee Worth? Learn all about HeyImBee's life

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YouTuber HeyImBee has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel. The personal details of her life are a matter of public interest due to her rising popularity. This has led many to wonder how much her net worth exactly is. HeyImBee started her YouTube channel back in 2009. In these many years, she has gotten herself quite a name and money. 

 While the exact figure is hard to predict, we can make an estimation of her net worth based on how well her videos do. She is worth around 1.33 million USD based on the generalized prediction.

The amount is anticipated on the basis of YouTube advertising revenue. Hence it doesn't consider her other sources of income. Being an internet personality usually means being a social media influencer as well. Internet personalities also make money through brand promotions. Considering all the possible sources of her income, her net worth can be around 1.86 million USD.


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HeyImBee's channel receives 5.53 million views a month on average. This translates to be 184.5 thousand views a day.  A channel monetized through ads earns money for every thousand video views. Every thousand views on a monetized video generate somewhere between $3 to $7. Based on this data, we can predict that her channel yields $22.14 thousand in ad revenue a month and $332.09 thousand a year. This is a generalized assumption since many channels earn more than $7 per thousand views.

How does HeyImBee make money?

Her YouTube videos are usually about games like Minecraft, The Sims, Call of Duty, Pixelmon, Happy wheels, Prison Break, and other VR games. Her fame is also credited to her attractive appearance to some extent. Beyond YouTube, she also creates content on other platforms like Omegle. She is a Twitch live streamer as well. Her views and followers are from these platforms too.

 She is known to create contents that usually feature 18+ memes and jokes that are directed towards adults. Her contents are not considered family-friendly.  Her videos are popular among youngsters. She has a whopping 947k followers on her twitch profile.


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She is famous for creating roleplay and adventure gaming videos on various gaming platforms. In her videos, she uses animated versions of herself without revealing he face directly. Therefore her face-reveal YouTube videos are quite popular. But her Instagram has her real pictures.HeyImBee has a total of 755k followers on her Instagram. Her Instagram has her dolled-up, pretty selfies, pictures, and videos.  With the number of followers she has, we can predict that she does brand collaboration as well.

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Inside the life of HeyImBee

HeyImBee's birth name is Bianca. Her allergies to bees earned her the nickname "Bee". She recently turned 28 years old. HeyImBee was born and brought up in Australia. Her fans want to know whether or not the YouTuber is seeing someone. Having fame ultimately means dealing with a lot of assumptions, rumors, and scandals. In the case of HeyImBee, she is currently single.

Quick facts about HeyImBee 

Birthplace Australia
Star sign Libra
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 57 kg
Body measurement 34-29-36

She has not always been single though. She was in a relationship back in 2015. She had even posted a boyfriend tag video with her then-boyfriend Gingy. The fans rooted for them too. But they ended their relationship in 2016. Based on her online persona, it can be understood that she has had dated a few guys before. But the details are not made private. 

HeyImBee has never been engaged or married before. Some had speculated of her pregnancy a while ago but it is most unlikely. Keeping track of her casual hook-ups is not possible as she has never spoken about her casual encounter. She is not too secretive when it comes to keeping her serious relationship private. Fans would know if she had anyone in her life.

Besides vlogging and gaming, she likes to hang out with her friends. Her videos are being well perceived with time as they began getting more creative. With her improvement, her success and fame are bound to move forward only.