Ice Spice Responds After Her Alleged ‘Sex Tape’ Leaks on Social Media

Ice Spice

Isis Gaston, famous as Ice Spice, is a well-known rapper from the Bronx who started rapping in 2021. She is now making headlines on the internet after releasing her new single named Munch (Feelin' U).

While people are enjoying the new music of the rapper, some of them are also curious to know if the rumors of her sex tape are real. Apart from making headlines with her song, Ice Spice is also creating buzz after she got linked with a sex tape that is going viral on Twitter.

So, the rapper has already responded to the alleged sex tape. Keep reading till the end to learn about the whole incident and aftermath.

All About Ice Spice Alleged Leaked Sex Tape

As said above, Ice Spice is going viral on social media after she got linked with a sex tape. People are saying that the rapper's sex tape has been leaked on Twitter, but this does not appear to be true.

The alleged sex tape shows a girl with curly hair and a man. Some social media users are saying that the man might be Drake, as he recently unfollowed Ice Spice after flying her out to Toronto in August to enjoy the OVO fest. 

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But it is just a rumor which circulated without any fact. On the other side, speculation has been rife for the last few weeks over this alleged sex tape and whether Ice Spice is the girl in the video.

Ice Spice Responds To Alleged Leaked Sex Tape

On Wednesday (October 5), Ice Spice found herself coming to her own defense once again after social media users speculated that she's the girl in an alleged sex tape making its rounds online. As said earlier, people speculated that the man in the video might be Drake and some of them said that Drake leaked the sex tape.

So, the Bronx rapper finally talked about this matter, and she took to Twitter to address all the rumors. She wrote, "u guys want them fake ass leaks to be me so bad just so u can go beat your lil dirty meat to it." 

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Despite a few negative reviews, she still has fans and followers rooting for her success. So, the topic of her sex tape leaks has been shut down, and now, Spice is actively making a name for herself in the rap scene.