Is Julian Morris From 'The Morning Show' Gay? Learn His Net Worth And Age

Julian Morris

Julian Morris is a renowned British actor. He is best known for his appearances in series such as New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon A Time. He has worked in many other series including Fish, Cry Wolf, Donkey Punch to name a few.

Fans have long speculated that he is gay as they do with other Hollywood actors and actresses. It has recently been made official that the actor is in fact gay. He came out publicly as gay through a sweet Instagram post. Fans and other celebrities are sending him congratulations on the big revelation.

Is Julian Morris Gay?

Julian Morris indeed is gay. He recently celebrated his 18 year anniversary with his long-term partner, Landon Ross. The news has led fans to be curious about his partner. He has written an Instagram caption that makes it clear that he had always known that he was gay:

18 years together, and they were the best ones because they were with you

He seems very much in love with his partner. Many fans think that the actor was in the closet until the recent post, However, it doesn't appear like he was closeted even before. He had appeared in a gay drama called Man In An Orange Shirt in 2017.

Celebrities like JoJo, Charlie Carver, Nyle DiMarco have commented under the post expressing how beautiful the couple looked. Ross has also written a caption in a similar manner:

Beginning out 19th year is the best thing in life. I love you

Both of the partners have pictures of each other all over their Instagram profiles. From a look at them, it looks as if the two never actually confirmed being romantically linked with one another. But they did not try so hard to keep it hidden from anyone either.


A post shared by Landon (@landonross)

Some tabloid gossips had noted that Ross often appeared on his social media. Some of the people pointed to his acclaimed performance in the 2017 mini-series called Man In An Orange Shirt. The series featured him as a deeply closeted veterinarian.

The rumors have been there for quite some time. But it was impossible to declare his sexuality without an official statement. In 2020, a picture of him kissing a guy had gone viral as well. But the face of the actor was not completely which cooled down the rumor.

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Is Julian Morris Married?

Julian Morris is married but to his husband, not to a wife. He has been married to his husband Landon Ross for 18 years. They are happily celebrating this milestone in their married life. They got married to one another sometime in the year 2003.

The exact date of their wedding has not been revealed yet. There is not a lot of information about Ross available at the moment. All we have for now is that he is 38 years old. 

Julain Morris Personal Life And Girlfriend

Julian was romantically linked to a few actresses in the past. The most prominent one was his rumored girlfriend named Sarah Bogler. His name was often linked to hers during the year 2012. Many sources had claimed that she in fact was her girlfriend.

In 2014, he had even uploaded a picture of Sarah on his Instagram calling her "My gorgeous". But all of these turned out to be mere rumors. Julian has clearly mentioned 18 years as the time frame of his relationship with Ross. Hence, it is unlikely that he was dating Sarah at the same time. 

Julian Morris Wiki

Julian Morris was born on 13 January 1983 in Crouch End, London. He was brought up in Muswell Hill by his mother Andrea Morris and his father Glen Morris. He is the oldest child of his parents and he has a younger sister named Amy Morris.

His father has South African roots whereas his mother comes from Zimbabwean ancestry. Julian was brought up in a Jewish household. His grandfather had fought in World War II and was once captured by Nazis in a concentration camp in Italy for two years.

Julian Morris Net Worth

Julian has an estimated worth of almost $10 million. His primary source of income is his job as an actor. He has been doing well in his acting endeavors so far. He has been able to lead a comfortable life with his hard-earned money. 

Julian Morris Age, Social Media

He is 38 years old in 2021 as he was born in the year 1983. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs almost 71 kilograms. He has earned a lot of well-wishers through his work. He is very active on Instagram with 665 thousand followers. He regularly updates them about his day-to-day activities. 

Movies And TV Series

He has marked his appearances in more than 2 dozen movies since 1999. His first movie role was in the 1999 movie named Don't Go Breaking My Heart. His last appearance on the big screen was through the 2018 movie named Viper Club.

Similarly, Julian has worked in more than 18 television shows so far debuting in 1996. Fans remember him from his role in the hit television series Pretty Little Liars. In 2020, he was seen in an episode of the series called The Good Fight.

He was featured in 2019 The Morning Show as well. Julian had portrayed the role of Andrew which was loved and admired by many of the show's viewers. It has been one of his most successful endeavors so far.