Is The Youtuber Sssniperwolf Single? The Truth About Her On-off Relationship With Her Boyfriend.


YouTuber SSSniperwolf is one of the rare female YouTubers who is super famous for her gaming videos. Her youtube channel has 29.5 million subscribers which many consider unusually high. With such a large following community, her romantic life is something everyone wants to know. 

SSSniperwolf met  Evan sausage via her Instagram DM. back in 2013. Evan had left a message in her DM which she found hilarious and could not resist replying to it. The text said: 

I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

Evan and SSSniperwolf together

Evan and SSSniperwolf together( credit: instachronicles )

After her response, they talked for a while through texts before she gave him her number. They finally met after talking for so long. Lia aka SSSniperwolf has admitted that it was a bit uncomfortable for both of them since neither had been in any relationship before.

SSSniperwolf Relation With Evan Sausage And Controversies 

Initially, Evan Sausage had actually catfished her and things went rough between them. He later sent her his real photo, which fortunately earned her approval. She had always admired a guy with long hair and a beard which is why she instantly liked the real Evan. In the beginning, they could not stop talking to each other throughout the day. They had days where they talked for eight long hours.

Their relationship suffered a lot due to Lia's anger issues. They had an on-and-off relationship for a long time. Lia's habit of documenting everything in her personal life was hard for Evan to deal with. In May 2016, Lia posted a video announcing their breakup on her YouTube channel. But just a month later, the duo reunited. The video of them reuniting at the airport was really sweet and everyone adored their relationship.

The reunion did not last too long. In September of 2016, she again posted a video declaring that the two had a breakup. But they had decided to stay together in the same house as roommates. It did not sit well cause they got in trouble with the law for fighting. The fight started when Lia saw Evan's new wallpaper which was a picture of another woman. She has also posted a video about it on her YouTube channel with the title Arrested. 

With time, they got comfortable in the presence of each other so much so that the two decided to buy a house together. In recent days, there has been much less drama which got the viewers suspicious. But they two seem to be finally settled with peace. She has not posted anything about their relationship or break up for a while. Evan was seen filming her house tour video in 2019. In one of her Q & A video, she denied having an ex-boyfriend which hints that they are still together.

SSSniperwolf has made multiple videos on their breakup with titles We Broke Up, How We Got Back TogetherBreakup Update, and others.

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SSSniperwolf's Net Worth

The exact figure is not available but her net worth is estimated to be at least 6 million USD. A report published by Social Blade has stated that she receives almost 680 million views every month on average. Considering this analysis, her earnings might range from 171K to 2 million dollars.

SSSniperwolf's birth name is Alia Marie Shelesh. She was born on 22 October 1992 which makes her 29 years old. She started her YouTube channel SSSniperwolf with the contents of different games online. She gained mass popularity with time and there has been no looking back since then. She is counted as one of the most subscribed gamers on YouTube throughout the globe at present.


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She also started providing content for various genres including vines and reaction videos. Almost every video of hers gets at least a few million views which mark her huge success. The SSSniperWolf name comes from the popularity of her YouTube channel. 

Many consider women in gaming an odd occurrence which is why she caught the attention of the mass. Lia has 5.2 million subscribers on her Instagram. Her bio describes her as someone who likes food and anime. Fans wish to see more of her life in the future.