James Charles Speculated To Have Undergone BBL After His Picture on Bodysuit Goes Viral!

James Charles' viral photo on bodysuit

Makeup is one of the most fantasized yet trendy terms that is acknowledged by everyone. It has become a subject matter whose enthusiasts are myriad. To aid such enthusiasts and aspirants prosper ahead in this field, make-up gurus like James Charles exist.

Well, who would not have heard his name? Whether it be platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, his charm is sporadic. The influencer has a massive fan following that keeps on leading him to create an impact.

Charles is also one of such influencers who has created a revolutionary impact when it comes to people descending from the LGBTQ showcasing their talents online. 

He has been a source of inspiration to many. However, the makeup artist was recently quenched with a plethora of controversial questions encircling plastic surgery, rumors, and a lot more. 

Before we dwell on the topic, let us have a quick view of his short briefing. 

James Charles Wiki and Age

James Charles Dickinson was born on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, New York, the United States of America which makes him age twenty-three as of 2022. He was born to parents Christie Dickinson and Skip Dickinson.  

As his sibling, Charles has a younger brother named Ian Jeffrey, who is a social media influencer and a model. The make-up artist was always fascinated by art and makeup from a young age.

His passion for makeup also drew a lot of bullies but he ignored them all. With persistence, dedication, and a supportive family, by 2016, he got acknowledged as the first male ambassador for representing the brand CoverGirl. 

It was a massive yet revolutionary achievement not only for him but for every makeup aspirant descending from the LGBTQ community.

James Charles with family (Image Source: Dreshare)

Many years after, today, James Charles has become a personality who gets recognized as one of the best beauty gurus on YouTube.

His makeup hacks also sit well on platforms like TikTok. Recently, a video of him wearing a thermal printed bodysuit went viral all over social media platforms.

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What Video of James Charles Went Viral?

Well, ever since the makeup artist uploaded a short 15-second dancing video of him on a thermal printed bodysuit, his fans went crazy with questions. 

In the video, he was seen flaunting his curves which quenched people with a plethora of questions. Several assumptions and conclusions started getting drawn by the audience. 

Charles was simply dancing on his fit for the Coachella but it was his body that was being addressed more specifically rather than the dance or him being a part of Coachella.

The comments were flooded with questions about him getting a bbl.

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Did James Charles Get a BBL or Plastic Surgery?

Ever since the body suit video went viral, his audience has been repetitive with the questions emphasizing him either getting a BBL or plastic surgery all over, but the makeup artist so far has had nothing to say. If we do try comparing things then it is pretty vivid that he got some work done.

Several Twitter posts and videos have been constantly comparing his before and after pictures, while many experts on YouTube have been claiming Charles to have undergone plastic surgery. Moreover, some also came forward claiming that he was seen purchasing diapers.

His purchasing diapers too became a matter of discussion because after getting the BBL done, the doctors recommend the patient to rely on diapers for a certain period to avoid leakages.  

The news took the audience back in 2020 when Charles had made a Twitter post claiming that he needed to undergo plastic surgery to get some fat off his back.  

That year too, he acknowledged the perplexities and later confirmed that he was in no way undergoing any sort of plastic surgery. Referencing the current scenario to that post of his, rumors went sporadic that the makeup artist underwent a BBL to make his back look a bit more attractive.

However, Charles has kept his lips sealed to all the different analytics people have been articulating all over the media.