An Insight Into the 10 Best Gay Makeup Artists

Gay Makeup Artists

Makeup has no gender they say. It looks beautiful on any and it does not really matter if the makeup palettes blend in with a man or a woman. Beauty has no identification and it all depends upon one's perception. 

This article is specifically targeted to help gay makeup artists shine and shimmer the way they deserve. There are a plethora of unrecognized personalities who deserve so much fame but are still underrated.

On the other hand, there are certain gay makeup artists whose work has been appreciated to the fullest and promoted by the lovable audience.

Well, all of the makeup stars were once newbies. Specifically, the gay makeup artists were the ones who used to get defamed and bullied for just being themselves.

However, these celebrities turned the table around with their definition of beauty. With persistence and convenience, they ensured to retain their confidence and keep their foot ongoing. 

Different ways of playing with makeup, yet one similarity is them being themselves. With tiny little steps as such all the gay celebrities stepped into the pot of success and today they are relishing the flavors. 

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1. Bretman Rock (Age: 23 years old)

With over 18 million followers on Instagram, Bretman has been paving the path of success consistently yet flamboyantly. The icon started finding a passion for makeup from the tender age of five or six. 

Eventually, as he grew up that makeup was the thing that provided him with warmth and comfort. Then, he descended into this field as a professional and we all know where he has established himself by today.

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2. Patrick Starrr (Age: 33 years old)

Starrr is a perfect example of the phrase, with compassion and dedication you can achieve anything. He is also entitled as the first man of makeup. His journey took off in 2013, and by now, he has established himself at the top level.

The artist so far has collaborated with different models and celebrities that have aided him to promote his makeup even more. The young artist is still yet to accomplish a lot more. 

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3. James Charles (Age: 23 years old)

Who might not really be aware of this man? He is the one who upturned the definition of makeup to many. Charles by the age of nineteen had accomplished to a level no one ever could. 

Despite the criticisms and bashing, he stepped into this field and established himself as whatever he is today. By 2016, the artist had been entitled as the first male CoverGirl to feature. This aspect aided him to uplift his career to a whole different level. 

4. Jeffree Star (Age: 36 years old)


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Jeffree Star has glided into certain controversies over the years but that really does not stop him from staying involved in the field he is in today. He is a flamboyant makeup artist who rules Instagram with a massive following of over thirteen million followers.

The artist has one of the most unique ways of presenting his art that grasps much of the attention.

5. Reuben De Maid (Age: 17 years old)

Maid entered the way of makeup at the age of eight. With his consistency and perseverance, he also got invited as a guest at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Eventually, he started making certain videos and YouTube and by now he is one of the most talked-about makeup artists. 

6. Mac Daddy (Age: 32 years old)


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When it comes to entering the list of the top gay makeup artists, Angela Merina aka Mac Daddy gets enlisted. Despite the hate and criticisms he keeps his feet ongoing and slams the haters with a reply of success. He has also worked with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Chanel Iman, and a lot more.

7. Arabia Felix

This man here is one of the most underrated makeup artists. He adds rainbows and the perfect blend of colors to his makeup that helps him stand out as the unique one. 

You would be shocked to know that this talented piece of art is self-taught. Felix completes the statement, that with passion you can accomplish anything.

8. Elton Fernandez (Age: 40 years old)

Fernandez is one of such artists who rose to fame through his Instagram account. He is underrated to a certain extent but his talent speaks it all. From a complete nobody to an artist who works alongside actresses Aditi Rao Hydari, he paved a long way all along. 

9. Rohit Singh


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Singh is one of the most underrated makeup icons who keeps on flaunting his impeccable makeup skills on his social media platform. The artist is self-taught and is seen utilizing the best out of any makeup genre. 

He is a man of art who is yet to accomplish a lot in the upcoming future. 

10. Gabriel Zamora (Age: 29 years old)

This young artist started making makeup videos in 2014, and by 2022, he is a self-accomplished personality who is reaching heights of success. He also works as a stylist for the IPSY beauty community. 

So, these were some of the most influential gay makeup artists who aspire to inspire. Each of them is recognized for its own different essence and aura. We wish to see them flourish a lot more in the upcoming future.