Is Fitness Instructor Jess King Pregnant? Read To Find Out The Peloton Instructor Partner And Personal Life

Jessica King

 Peloton's senior fitness instructor Jess King is a well-known social media influencer, certified life coach, as well as a  former professional dancer. The 36-year-old Jess recently announced her pregnancy with her fiance named Sophia Urista. The fitness guru currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Jess King Wiki, Age

Born on May 29, 1985, fitness instructor Jess King is 36 years old presently and will be turning 37 this coming May. Her zodiac sign is a Jemini. Jess King's full name is Jessica King. She follows Christianity as her religion. King grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. Not much is known about her father. However, Jess King's mother, Ximena Bernales, was a competitive bodybuilder who owned boutique fitness studios. 


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Growing up thus, Jess was hugely influenced by her mother to foster her career in the same field. For her education, the fitness instructor attended Coastal Carolina University in 2004. 5years later in 2009, Jess graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.

Jess King Is Pregnant!

The fitness instructor broke the news about the pregnancy during her 30-minute cycling rides. The 36-year-old said she and her partner Sophia were excited to usher this new energy into their home and become mothers. Jess further added that although she'd gone through multiple transformations in her time at Peloton, she believed that becoming a mother would be the most profound one.


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Jess also tagged her partner in the post and exclaimed they were gonna be great moms! This is Jess Kings's first baby with her partner Sophia.

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Is Peloton Instructor Jess King Gay?

Yes, Jess King is gay! The Peloton instructor has been in a relationship with her present fiance since 2015. Jess King's partner is named Sophia Urista. The former dancer revealed to Pop Sugar in an interview that she first met her partner Sophia at New York City cabaret nightclub. During that time, Jess used to work over there and Sophia would visit to do her rehearsals.

Jess King's partner Sophia Urista is a singer and songwriter at Brass Against and MINK. In 2021, the singer came into the limelight after peeing on a fan during a live show which sparked outrage from her fans worldwide. Sophia took to her Twitter to publicly issue an apology for her action.

How Did Sophia Urista And Jess King Meet? Explore Their Relationship

The duo first met each other in 2015. Right after Jess King saw Sophia, she couldn't take away her gaze. It was love at first sight for the fitness trainer. King even revealed that she was very attracted to Urista right from the day she saw her, despite never being with a woman before. However, King couldn't muster the courage to talk to her,

A year later, when Jess again saw Urista at The Box, a cabaret nightclub in New York City where she works, the fitness instructor immediately grabbed her chance and approached Urista.

Jess King Engaged To Sophia Urista

After 5 years of togetherness, the duo decided to finally get engaged. Jessica took to her Instagram account in September 2020 to announce their engagement to their fans and followers. The fitness instructor wrote in the caption, 'Now she calls me “Feyoncé”.'


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Jess King's Age Difference With Sophia Urista

The fitness instructor is presently 36 years old and will be celebrating her 37th birthday this coming May. Meanwhile, Jess King's partner Sophia Urista was born on 1 November 1984 which makes her age 37 years. Sophia will be turning 38 this coming November. The couple, therefore, seems to have an age difference of only 6 months.