Who Is Jodi Rodgers Of Love On The Spectrum U.S.? Find Out Her Wiki, Husband, Job & Net Worth

Jodi Rodgers

Jodi Rodgers is a relationship coach, sexologist, and psychotherapist who is popular among people for her work on Love on the Spectrum. Love on the Spectrum is a unique dating reality show which showcases a new experience for people about love from the point of view of those on the autism spectrum.

The show was made to highlight how the people on the spectrum deal with love and it has been loved ever since. One of the main reasons for the evolvement of the show is also the relationship specialist and sexologist counsellor Jodi Rodgers.

Rodgers educates and counsels those on the spectrum to help them understand their relationships and emotions. She is well known and popular among people as a relationship specialist and counsellor after her work on Love on the Spectrum. Here is more about what you need to know about her.

Jodi Rodgers Wiki, Age & Family

Jodi has never spoken of her personal life in public. She prefers to separate her private life from professional life and doesn’t want to mix it up. That is why very less is known about her family and early life.

Jodi is in her 50s but her precise date of birth is not known as she has never shared it with the public. She is from New South Wales, Australia, and also lives there currently. There is no detail about her parents or family background. No sources have revealed anything about them as of now.

Talking about her education Rodgers has done quite a lot of reading. Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she has done bachelor's in Education and also has a post-graduate diploma in Special Education from the University of Canberra. She has a Masters's Degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney and moreover also has a Diploma in Counselling from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

Jodi Rodgers Husband

Rodgers’ marital status is not known to anyone as of now. She has not given any details about her marriage or any romantic relationship. Thus it is hard to comment on her relationship status. However, some web sources reveal that she has a daughter named Sage.

Jodi Rodgers Job

Rodgers is a relationship specialist, sexologist, and psychotherapist with much experience of many years from all around the world. She has the experience of dealing with people on the spectrum for over 35 years. Rodgers helps young adults along with those with disabilities to help them understand their emotions and manage romantic relationships. She also helps them with the ways to build a healthy sexual and intimate relationship with partners understanding their needs, fears, and desires.

Jodi Rodgers
Jodi Rodgers (Source: Instagram)

Jodi has worked with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) from 2005 to 2016 as a Regional Manager for Northern New South Wales. After 12 years of involvement in Aspect, she launched the organization, ‘Birds and Bees’ in 2015 which primarily focuses on sexuality and counselling. She is a sexologist counsellor in the organization. She has also been playing the part of relationship specialist on the show Love on the Spectrum.

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Jodi Rodgers In Love on the Spectrum U.S.

Despite having many years of experience working with neurodiverse people Rodgers first declined the offer to join Love on the Spectrum when offered by the producer. Love on the Spectrum showcases the dating experiences of autistic people but Rodgers was not ready to show her private work on-screen for entertainment. However, she later agreed once she realized that not the whole part of the counselling would be streamed and only a few scenes would be featured after editing it.

Rodgers is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the show as her counselling skills hit right at the heart of the cast as well as viewers. She plays the role of a relationship coach and counsellor for people on the spectrum and helps them understand their relationships better.

Jodi Rodgers's Net Worth

There is no precise estimation of Jodi’s net worth as most of her details are not available yet. Her net worth is yet to be calculated. Rodgers is a well-established and talented counsellor, sexologist, and relationship coach which is already proven by her work in Love on the Spectrum. Looking at her professional success she must have made quite a fortune for herself though we can not give a precise number.

Social Media

Jodi Rodgers is available on Instagram. She has 13,2K followers on Instagram. You can also find her on Facebook.