Kail Lowry Rumored To Be Dating a New Boyfriend? More on Her Failed Married Life, Having a Baby & Net Worth

Kail Lowry

Kailyn Lowry also popularly seen as Kail Lowry is one of such names who has been marking prominence in terms of podcasting and presenting herself as a dexterous TV personality.

Well, Lowry's life is comprised of a plethora of twists and turns but despite such adversities, she holds herself captive yet ongoing. 

We have now descended into the 11th season of Teen Moms 2. All the drama that goofed around while them being teens to finally stepping on the stage where those teens are all grown-ups today.

Time just kept changing within a blink of an eye and the milestone that the show has been set alongside a flamboyant character like Kailyn Lowry is immaculate. 

Lowry was born on March 14, 1992, so, simply, she is not a teenager anymore. However, her personality in the show does matter because many grew up watching her grow. 

Her television aura has always been ineffable but recently what grasps the attention of people is her love interest, baby, and dating histories.

So let us now dive into her life story.

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Who is Kail Lowry Dating?

2022, has been astounding to the audience as Lowry retained the shine of the show while marking her presence in the eleventh season of Teen Moms 2.

What amplifies the excitement of her valued audience is, her new boyfriend.

However, so far, these are just rumors. Many speculations are stated about her getting a new boyfriend but nothing can be said unless Lowry herself confirms anything. 

The Internet would go crazy if she shows up with her new boyfriend while confirming her dating rumors. 

As per the netizens, Lowry is currently dating her neighbor, Elijah Scott. 

All of these started after a fan page of Lowry dropped a post on Instagram. 

Kail Lowry's rumored neighbor boyfriend
Kail Lowry's rumored neighbor boyfriend (Source: Instagram)

The storyline is further extended as the caption reveals that he was reported to be a cheater and an abusive boyfriend to many but whatever it is if they are real, we wish the new couple all the very best. 

To this, many gasped with awe while some even showered the comment section with all the negativity. The reason behind this was that Lowry underwent several failed relationships with her boyfriends and at her inconvenience she sued many.

However, Lowry is a queen and she knows the subtle art of not giving a "you know the rest." But, now let us dig into her past failed relationships. 

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Kail Lowry's Relationship Timeline

The viewers of Teen Mom have been acknowledging the relationship and dating history of Lowry for over a decade on MTV.

Jo Rivera

Well, starting off with her very first heated relationship, it was with a guy named Jo Rivera. He was the guy who got Lowry pregnant for the very first time with a baby.

In 2010, they together had a baby named Isaac. 

Kail Lowry with her children
Kail Lowry with her children (Source: Instagram)

Things were going in a proper flow, but unsaid consequences ended up paving their paths apart. 

Jordan Wenner

Soon after, with her baby Isaac, she moved in with another boyfriend of hers named Jordan Wenner. Despite him being a perfect person for her, she ended up cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Jo.

All of these were confessed by Lowry herself. She stated that she did love Jordan with all her heart, but she also had this weird obsession with Jo and could not resist him being with any other woman.

So, one fine day, when Jordan went off to drop their baby at school, Jo came over and that is when the lady cheated on her man. 

But, again the relationship did not last and things split between the two again.

Javi Marroquin

However, Lowry now crossed her paths with this guy named Javi Marroquin.

Their relationship took a turn when they got decisive over getting married in 2012. 

A few months after, Lowry got pregnant with another baby named Lincoln. But, unfortunately, after three years of getting married, the couple split in 2016.

Chris Lopez

Afterward, the relationship further took a turn when Lowry started seeing her classmate Chris Lopez in 2016. That is when she got pregnant with her baby number three, Lux.

They were blessed with a kid, but the journey they had been paving so far was going on and off. People had started losing their hope in this couple not until 2020 when Lowry confirmed getting pregnant with baby number four whose father was Lopez.

Dominique Potter

In 2017, Lowry opened up on how she got herself linked with a woman named Dominique Potter romantically.

She clarified how they had been friends for a year and things just happened. However, it did not last much further and Lowry kept on igniting the spark of love alongside her then-partner Lopez.

However, for now, she is reportedly not single and is kinda seeing someone, but nothing can be stated unless she herself verifies things. 

Her relationships might have been rampant and twisted but what remains consistent is her net worth. 

Lowry earns a hefty net worth of around $25k as per a few sources. She has been leading her life as a queen and all we can wish for is her not to let down that crown of confidence of hers.