Kristen Hanby and His Girlfriend Are All Set To Welcome Their First Baby Together!

Kristen Hanby and Jasmine Brownsword

Kristen Hanby is one such personality who has caught the attention of a hefty mass from all around the globe. He rose to fame from his YouTube channel which has been running for quite a long period of time. 

Hanby, a person who is acknowledged as a really cheerful person recently made his audience chuckle with excitement as the news of him becoming a father was articulated all over the Internet. 

People have also been wondering if the social media influencer is yet to take some steps forward and wife up his girlfriend. We will help you walk through all of the curiosities and mentioned aspects.

Who is Kristen Hanby's Girlfriend?

Soulmates are rare but when they are found entire life feels upturned to a whole different level. Hanby has been relishing his life with the same feeling. He crossed his paths with the love of his life, a fellow Youtuber, Jasmine Brownsword in 2019.

It is not just Hanby who savors a colossal career, his wife too is a successful influencer who is loved by a hefty mass. 

Reports suggest that the couple moved in pretty quickly and their love story lit up the paths ever since. They have been in a live-in-together relationship since  August 30, 2019, and to this date, their bond has been going strong.

Kristen Hanby with his girlfriend Jasmine Brownsword
Kristen Hanby with his girlfriend Jasmine Brownsword (Image Source: Instagram)

The couple this year on 2022, marked their four years of togetherness already. They barely flaunt their love life on different platforms, but when they do, it just gets ineffable to interpret into words.

Sometimes, they do post adorable videos, reels, and pictures where they are seen exchanging giggles and laughs together. The essence and volume that exists in their love are pretty vivid to their audience.

Recently, many speculations were also made if the couple had tied the knots while walking down the aisle together. However, they are just false assumptions as Hanby and his girlfriend have never really stepped forward claiming any of the news as such.

They might have not got decisive over their decision on getting married yet, but the relationship they have been running for years was recently uncovered in its purest form.

Recently, the news of the couple turning to parents broke out.

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Is Jasmine Brownsword Pregnant?

On July 24, 2022, Hanby took an overwhelming post on his Instagram feed. He posted a video captioned "SO….. I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!! unexpected but very excited!!!."

He was seen jumping around while screaming out, "mini-me."  Sliding through, there was also another picture with the baby mama where she was holding a cute little sonograph of her fetus. 

Likewise, his girlfriend too took a minute to post her happiness on the Instagram feed. She posted a picture of her and Hanby posing with a sonographic picture. The post is captioned, "Mom & Dad. The best gift Hanby is due 2023."

The story however does not end here, as the soon-to-be mother takes another instance to let her fans acknowledge the entire story behind it. As per her, she kept the news hideous from the Internet as well as her entire family for three months.

After a certain time of her making things public, she made a small post on her Instagram story regarding the announcement while flaunting her pregnancy kit. 

Brownsword was just waiting for the perfect moment of revelation, and when she did it was grand yet heart-warming. 

Both are clearly seen glowing differently. The charm they have on their face clearly shows the affection they have started developing already for their unborn.

Their fans have been eagerly waiting for the little baby to step into the world ASAP while completing the Hanby family. Acknowledging the Instagram caption by Brownsword, it is pretty clear that their first baby together will land during the initial months of 2023.