What Is Malaysia Pargo’s Real Name? More on Her Net Worth

Malaysia Pargo

The popular VH1 show showcases the lives of women who are partnered as wives, girlfriends, and ex-wives of professional basketball players, named as Basketball Wives.

Viewers are thrilled to watch the show filled with drama and excitement.

Malaysia Pargo is quite famous and has starred on the show since season one due to her marriage with Jannero Pargo. Now, let us dig into the insight of Malaysia Pargo’s real name, dating status, and many more. 

What Is Malaysia Pargo’s Real Name? Wiki, Age

A reality TV star from Crompton, California, Malaysia Pargo’s real name is Laquisha Pargo. During an episode of Basketball Wives, she revealed her real name. She was born on August 12, 1980, and is American. 

Malaysia Pargo was just 11 years old when she met her ex-husband, Jannero Pargo who is an NBA player.

Currently, Pargo is the owner and operator of Three Beats Jewelry and 3BeatsL. She also owns a furniture business and is professionally an entrepreneur.  Also read Riverdale Star: Camila Mendes’s Dating History! Is She Still Dating Charles Melton?

Who Is Malyasia Pargo’s Husband? 

On 2006, Malaysia Pargo married Jannero Pargo, a former NBA star. Prior to getting married, they both dated for four years. Currently, Jannero Pargo is serving as the Indiana Pacer’s assistant coach in the NBA. 

Malaysia and Jannero Pargo
Malaysia and Jannero Pargo (Source: Pimiso)

Sadly, in the year 2014, Malaysia Pargo and Jannero Pargo split due to their own reasons. The duo were married for 10 years and later filed for a divorce. But despite their split, they both have well managed to co-parent their kids and they both have shown their enormous love through their individual social media. 

Does Malaysia Pargo Have Twins? Know About Her Motherhood

Yes, it is true that Malaysia Pargo has twins. Pargo has 3 kids and the twins are her younger children. The pair welcomed their first son, Jannero Jr. on 2006, followed by their twins, Jayla and Jayden in 2011. 

Despite their marriage breakdown, both the parents take out their time to look after their children and they have remained to be mutually coordinating and taking care of. In an interview, the VH1 star revealed that she enjoys motherhood thoroughly and she makes sure they are raised rightly. 

Jannero Jr. loves and enjoys playing football in his free time and both his parents are very proud of him. Their young kid, Jayde is very close to both his parent’s families and he was by Jannero’s side all the time while he performed his surgery. 

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While their twins, Jayden and Jayla are adorable duos. Jayla is a young girl who is studious and quite sporty like her father. 

While Malaysia is very vocal and shows off her quality time with her kids, let us have a quick scroll on her Instagram where she has revealed how much she is enjoying motherhood.   


Malaysia Pargo never fails to post her children’s little victories and their graduation ceremonies. She also tells the world loud and clear that the most magical day of her life is when she became a mother. 

A proud and happy mother, Malaysia Pargo’s Instagram is proof of how she is extremely honored, satisfied, and joyful with her children. 

Is Malaysia Pargo Dating Anyone at the Moment?

While after the divorce of Malaysia Pargo from his ex-husband Jannero Pargo, the reality TV star is still looking for her love. Well, in one of the episodes of Couples Court TV, Pargo wishes that she and Jannero had cleared their differences and given their relationship a chance. 

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Pargo was reportedly dating an NBA player, James Harden but she has not confirmed any of the speculations further. Additionally, Malaysia Pargo was rumored to have dated O.T.Genesis, the rapper who now has a son with another woman. 

Later, she was also speculated on dating a music producer, Jamal Rashid. However, after this news, Malaysia Pargo was a bit wrapped with intense drama regarding her dating status and was questioned many times.  

Well, until now she has not announced anything officially about her dating anyone, but rumors have been airing every now and then. 

Malaysia Pargo’s Net Worth

Malaysia Pargo’s net worth significantly rose after her fame in “Basketball Wives”. According to the sources, her net worth is estimated at $3.5 million. She also receives her salary from the series Pargo also receives a fortune from his ex-husband after the settlement of divorce.