What Happened To Marie Lin? The Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Explained

Marie Lin

Philadelphia native Marie Qi Lin was reported dead from a speculated, brutal motorcycle accident. She has been receiving massive tributes and honors after the unfortunate death. She had left this world on 22 November 2021 in a tragic road accident.

Will McAndrew has put forth a fundraiser recently to support her end-of-life expenses. Will is the community representative of Philadelphia. The fundraiser was hoping to raise $15,000 for the purpose. They have been able to collect $10,873 by the evening of 24 November.

Only bleak information has been revealed about the accident so far. The actual cause of the death has also not been declared officially. People are hoping that the details will be provided after the committal ceremony. The incident has gone viral.

Motorcycle Accident Explained

On November 22, initial reports about the death had surfaced. There has been only sparse information been made available about the sensitive death case. She is speculated to have intercepted a fatal motorcycle on Monday as she was traveling through the Philly circuit.

Her family has not passed out her official death statement with the revelation of the exact cause of the death. Actual details of the mishap also continue to remain under the rug. Her Obituary has also not spoken a word about the death case.

Hopefully, it will get updated after her funeral. Her family and friends are devastated by the news. The condolences have been pouring in. It might take them forever to recover from the traumatic incident. 

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Who Was Marie Lin?

Marie Lin was born on 2 February of the year 1992. She was barely 29 years old when she passed from what looked like an accident scene. Her full name was Marie Qi Lin. She was a cherished employee as well as a loved family member.

She was loved for her beautifully carved smile and her generous nature. She was never a part of any extraneous disputes or controversial accord throughout her work history and academic endeavor. She and her family are originally from New York City.

It was her job that required her to shift to Philadelphia while her family still lived in New York. Her family is still in a state of shock to witness the untimely death of their beloved daughter. We send our sympathy and condolence to the family of the deceased. 

Aftermath Of Death

People are eager to know what exactly caused her death. Some are already convinced that it was the motorcycle accident that took her life. But it cannot be said with a confirmation before her Obituary provides the official news. They may have to wait for a while to comprehend the news.

For now, we can think of her death as a nuanced mystery. Her Obituary has assigned her last ritual to a funeral organization called Lamb Funeral Home Inc. The organization will be looking forward to conducting the tribute session.

A tribute session was held shortly before the authentic committal of Marie Lin. A page serves as a death accord to her. It is the page dedicated to her by Dignity Memorial. It consists of every single loving picture and memory of her associated with her relatives and family members.

Lamb Funeral Home Inc and Casey Funeral Home have shared their sympathy through their official websites. Marie has been attributed for visitation by relatives between 9:30 and 10:30 on November 30 at Casey Funeral Home.

People and well-wishers can also give flowers to the deceased throughout the event. She will then be shifted to Moravian Cemetery the same day for Commital Service between 1 PM and 1:30 PM. 

Philadelphia On Motorcycle Accidents

A similar tragedy had happened at the same place a couple of months ago. On 7 September this year, a driver was pronounced dead after a motorcycle crash in Philadelphia. Late Kenneth Walker was traveling through Broad and Vine street in Philadelphia.

Kenneth was barely 40 years old when he suffered the horrible faith. Road accidents are seemingly becoming a bigger problem in Philadelphia.