Why Did Mark Valley Split With His Ex-Wife? Insights Into His Daughter, Married Life & More

Mark Valley

Mark Valley is mostly known to keep his personal life off the radar of the media and his last relationship known was with his ex-wife, Anna Trov. 

Born in Ogdensburg, New York, United States on December 24, 1964.

He is the son of Michael Valley (father), and Martha Valley (mother).

Although there is not much information on his family he has three siblings namely Jennifer Valley, Lynne Valley, and Marine Valley.

Coming of American nationality and belongs to the French-Canadian-Irish ethnicity.  Read more: Everything About ABC News Correspondent Mola Lenghi Wiki, Family, and Wife

Mark Valley’s Relationship With His Ex-Wife Anna Torv

Mark Valley and his ex-wife Anna Torv’s romantic relationship began in a very secretive relationship.

They worked together on Fringe, a TV show which portrayed each other’s on-screen romantic interests and vibes. 

They secretly dated each other without dropping any hints to anyone they know.

It was only declared when the duo got married and everyone realized what happened. 

The former duo secretly got married in the holiday season in December 2008.

According to the sources, they might have gotten hitched just after Mark Valley’s 45th birthday. 


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However, things did not align well for the couple in an unexpected way, and by the time during year 2010 by April, the former duo decided to separate.

When the sources broke the news about their split, it was till then that people found out about their separation. They also found out that the pair had been living separately for a few months.

Since then, Valley has remained very silent and low-key about his dating life and relationship.

And so has Anna Torv been in a similar way in her life. She has been living in LA since the pandemic hit hard but later moved to her native Australia right as the lockdown began.

In one of her interviews, Anna Torv said why she is so low-key and maintains quite a life off from all the limelight.

She also put up an article expressing her way of “keeping a distinct line between private and public personas.”

Many speculations came forward as the big gossip that the actor was gay, and his marriage with Torv was just a calculated move toward a publicity stunt.

It was done either to put off the gay rumors or for gaining some fame were some of the rumors or theories people built.  Similarly, people also thought of Torv as being gay or bisexual. 

However, the actor Valley has also admitted of him being a straight person during an appearance on the podcast. 

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Mark Valley’s Past Relationship and Daughter

Valley became a father of an adorable daughter before he achieved fame and a figure in the entertainment industry. Born and brought up in New York, he attended a military college after high school. 

He then later joined the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and graduated in 1987. That was exactly the year he had his first child who was a daughter named Sherri.

Mark Valley with his daughter
Mark Valley with his daughter (Image Source: Fandango)

During the appearance on Father Time with Jamie Kaler, he went into sharing details about how his initial days of fatherhood went by and his experiences on the same. 

He shares how he was just in college and was really young when he had a daughter. His girlfriend was pregnant with him at such as earl age which left him confused about what he should be doing and what not.

Valley and his ex-girlfriend did not part ways but they came up with a mutual agreement and settlement about their daughter Sherri. 

He recalls his initial days of difficulty being a father and a struggling actor. He had very little income and had a hard time paying child support. 

Sherri now lives in New York and at the time of an interview, she lived in Rochester. She worked as a pilates teacher and was also attending community college. 

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Mark Valley: Net Worth and Salary

Well, there is not much information on his income and salary, whereas his net worth is around $3 million approximately regarding some sources available.