‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Lee Rodriguez’s Insights on Dating, Partner and Sexuality

Lee Rodriguez

Lee Rodriguez is an American actress and a Television personality who has successfully made herself in the limelight and reached the ladder of success. She instantly rose in prominence after performing well as a character named Fabiola on the famous Netflix comedy Never Have I Ever. 


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Rodriguez is considered one of the most hardworking, self-independent, and self-made actresses in the movie business.

Lee Rodriguez is known for her bold creative background while she has been comparatively a new personality in the entertainment business.

Well, she has a very long goal and a desire to become a lifelong actress. 

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Lee Rodriguez Wiki & Age

Lee Rodriquez was born in Fresno, California. She along with her family moved to California and settled down.

She started performing when she was just 8 years old. Rodriguez performed roles in the school theatre at Encore Jr./Sr. High School, a school which is specialized in arts, helped her develop qualities in acting. 


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Later, she listed herself in a talent agency and got herself a role in the year 2018. Her first TV acting role was her performance in the series Class of Lies 2018.

In the same year, she also portrayed Naomi on Grow-ish. In 2020, Lee joined the cast of Mindy Kailing’s Netflix series Never Have I Ever as Fabiola, a gay teenager who is the captain of the robotics team at her high school. 

Rodriguez has also been vocal about colorism against dark-skinned actresses of color in the entertainment industry. She also has future goals of releasing music albums and touring. 

Is Lee Rodriguez in a Relationship?

Every other fans and viewer are very eager to know about Lee Rodriguez’s love life and relationship which has currently become a hot topic.

She has never shared any picture with her lover or a significant person as Rodriguez is very secretive and likes to keep it personal.

We can presume that Lee Rodriquez is single as of now and is not dating or involved in any kind of romantic relationship. She is gaining popularity as she seems more dedicated to her personal and family life. 


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She has also not been rumored to be in a relationship with anyone, nor she has gone public with giving hints or details on her love life.

Well, for now, we will have to believe that Rodriguez is single until rumors are swirling that she is dating someone or when she makes an announcement.  Read more: Is Malik Yoba Gay? Interesting Facts on His Bio, Marriage, and Wife Cat Wilson

Lee Rodriquez Opens Up About Being Gay

As Lee Rodriguez has well played the character of Fabiola, a gay teenage girl who has a hard time exploring her sexuality at first, but later she subsides this feeling and goes on to enjoy her queer teenage high school life. 


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Similarly, Rodriguez has also shared how she loves playing Fabiola because she also sees herself in the character, which is something her fans have also told her.

But she is saddened by the thought that people ask her such questions about her sexuality and she has not kept it to herself, although people still make remarks and questions about her gender. 

However, she has constantly made everyone clear about her being gay but she expresses exhaust as she is tired of having to prove her identity as a gay person.

She also says that her sexuality is not the biggest part of who she is as a person but she wants to let people know about her through her passion for music and bigger problems like the climate crisis. 


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Lee Rodriguez's Net Worth

As of 2021, Lee Rodriguez’s net worth is between $200k and $500k and she earns her fortune through her career as an actress. She quickly gained recognition after her appearance in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever. 

She began her career by working in the fashion industry and has also modeled for many well-known companies.