Marvel Worried As Chris Hemsworth’s Reality Show Might Kill Him

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who shot to fame after appearing in the Australian television series named Home and Away. He has appeared in many movies that have helped him establish a name for himself. In MCU, Hemsworth started playing Thor in the 2011 film of the same name, and now, he also reprised the role in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

For over a decade, Hemsworth has pushed strength training limits to maintain a chiseled superhero physique like Thor. In the same way, his new reality series, named Limitless, goes the actor even further in an attempt to uncover the full potential of the human body. Hemsworth geared up his physical, mental, and emotional abilities for Disney+ and National Geographic's series, Limitless.

The series will see Hemsworth pushing himself beyond his most frenzied imaginings in a series that will explore how humans can take the steps required to live longer and more fulfilling lives. 

Marvel Worried With Life of Chris Hemsworth

As we know, Chris Hemsworth tries many death-defying stunts, which include swimming in Arctic waters and walking along a skyscraper crane. So the deadly attempts of Hemsworth left Marvel worried, and Hemsworth recently opened up about it.

While appearing in Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 39-years-old actor talked about putting his body to the test in Limitless, which worried Marvel. While training for one intense stunt that involved climbing a 100 feet tall rope, the prominent actor injured his ankle. This prompted a unique response from Marvel. Hemsworth said, 

"Great, we'll do it before I shoot Thor." Anyway, I started training, I blow my ankle out, and Marvel stepped in and said, "No. The show that might kill him, you can do that after our film."

His accident happened during an intense stunt for the Disney+ series climbing to the cable car's top using a rope suspended 100 feet below the dangling car. Besides that, he also surfed and swam in Arctic waters, requiring him to work with an exercise scientist.

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Furthermore, he has frequently talked about his experiences. Once he opened up about how incredible the human body and mind are.

How Can With Watch Limitless With Chris Hemsworth?

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is an original 6-part documentary series from National Geographic. It is airing on Disney+ starting November 16. As said earlier, Hemsworth explores how humanity can fight aging and the body's full potential.

Breaking conventional wisdom, the series builds on scientific research and the latest technology to test what is possible. Moreover, Limitless premieres on November 16 on Disney+ and the reality show will have six episodes. The show will be available on the Disney+ streaming service.

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Not to mention, the subscription costs $7.99, which allows for unlimited downloads of content to up to 10 devices for viewing offline. Not only that, but it also can stream on four different devices simultaneously.