Mike Majlak Splits With His Girlfriend! What Was the Reason? Who Is He Dating Now?

Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades

YouTube is one such platform that generates talents who are power pact, dexterous, and immensely assertive towards their goal accomplishment. Mike Majlak is one such product from YouTube that garnered love from people worldwide with his impeccable yet flamboyant videos posted online.

The influencer specifically rose to fame due to his close bonding with another YouTube sensation, Logan Paul. The two buddies together run a much-talked-about podcast together named, Impaulsive. 

Majlak on the other hand also runs a YouTube channel of his own named Mike Majllak Vlogs, where he has hefty subscribers of over 2.5 million. The journey this man has set so far is not just inclusive of his professional accomplishments. His personal life too travels along.

That life of his has become a matter of discussion to most of his fan following. So let us dive deep into his personal life but first let us have a quick view encircling his very short briefing.

Mike Majlak's Wiki, Age

Well, the YouTuber reportedly was born on January 13, 1985, in the town of Milford, United States of America. As of 2022, he is thirty-seven years old by age. Majlak was raised by Robin Majlak, his mother. However, not much information about the influencer's father has been disclosed to date.

Moreover, he also does have two sisters named Abby and Jill Majlak. Having descended in a family as such, he could have been put under certain pressure regarding the roles and responsibilities of his mother and sisters for being the eldest.

Academically, the influencer was incapable of claiming his degree from Fordham University due to certain consequences but that did not let him drown even a bit in his professional life.


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Majlak's career started when he tried his hands at working as a social media promoter for Nice Guy Promotions. Gradually, he shifted his interest and started blogging while also working as a photographer for a certain period of time.

Eventually, he descended into YouTube and got established here. And today, we are all aware of the heights he has set for himself. Apart from being just a workaholic, he is also a gentleman who is aware of his boundaries and has immense respect for women piled up in his heart.

So, people have been wondering, if a man with quality as such has crossed the paths with his soulmate or not.

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Is Mike Majlak Dating?

Well, at the very present, Majlak is not seeing or dating anyone. However, he has had some love interests in his life. Lana Rhoades was a part of his very recent relationship. 

So, the former lovers had met through Logan Paul's video, where he surprised Majlak with his crush who was none other than Lana Rhoades back then. Professionally, Rhoades belongs to an adult business where she does p*** videos for the targeted audience.

Mike Majlak with his ex-girlfriend Lana
Mike Majlak with his ex-girlfriend Lana (Image Source: YouTube)

Since the two met, they started hanging out often and ended up in a relationship. Rhoades became his girlfriend. Throughout the event, their relationship had been going on and off.

They split for months and got back together again. But lately, it has been long since they ended things up and did not get back together. 

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Why Did Mike Majlak and His Girlfriend Break Up?

Well, during the initial; days of partition, they called it quits without letting their audience acknowledge a tiny bit of what had happened. However, two months after, Lana stepped forward on one of the YouTube channels named BFFs.

There, she explained every bit of what had happened. As per her, during Majlak's online streams, he would find some other women and hit on them. This did break her heart pretty much. 

As per her, his flirting did not just take place online, he was seen being inappropriate with other women in real life too. However, she ignored all of these considering the fact that he would change once they moved in together.

But when the day came, Majlak ended up his relationship with Rhoades, leaving her totally heartbroken.

So, he did appear a second time again while seeking apologies from the woman. She welcomed him with open arms and started dreaming of moving in again. But, this time too Majlak let her down saying he has other plans and can not really stay with her that day.

This enraged her and that is when she asked him to leave and called it quits. Ever since both have paved their ways apart and have not gotten back together. His soon-to-be wife, whose audience was dreaming of them getting married, all the plans shattered.

So, after hearing both sides of the story, Majlak was the one found guilty as per the audience. She could be a huge loss to the YouTuber and he might have learned his lesson so far.

That might also have been the reason for him staying single to this date. Despite the adversities he had to face in his personal life, he has ensured that it creates no hindrance to his professional upliftment. 

Mike Majlak's Net Worth

Well, the influencer bags a huge net worth that ranges from $1.5 to $2 million. He has millions of fans alongside who do contribute a lot to bagging a huge sum as such.

Majlak's fans keep huge expectations from him and every single day he exceeds those expectations while being himself on camera. Moreover, he is also a dog lover who time and again is expressive regarding his feelings towards them.

Recently, he also shared an adorable video of him surprising his mother with his new house on Instagram. The video was packed up with emotions and pride. The soft-cornered Majlak is someone who is loved by millions in real life.