Nicki Minaj Responds to Husband’s Accuser’s Harassment Suit

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is a global music star with an immensely large fan following. She is also one of the most controversial music artists of all time. She is equally known for her bold choices and intriguing life story. Her music is only one of the virtues that have made her famous.

She doesn't really require an introduction as she is a very popular star among the youth. Her music is considered trendy and youth-centric. One of her newest controversies concerns her married life. Her husband Kenneth Petty was accused of harassment that happened in the 90s.

Nicki reportedly has filed a case against the accuser recently. She believes that the woman who filed a harassment lawsuit against her husband just wants money. This has led the controversy to resurface after almost two long decades.


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Nicki Minaj's Husband Accused Of Harassment

Her husband Kenneth was convicted of attempted rape of a woman named Jennifer Hough in the 90s. Nicki has filed legal documents in response to this lawsuit accusing Jennifer of lying for money. The harassment case is getting more and more controversial.

Jennifer's lawsuit claims sexual harassment, witness intimidation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She has also accused Nicki, Kenneth, and their attorneys of attempting to push her to take back the harassment suit.

Nicki has denied all the accusations so far. Her legal team is calling BS on these accusations. They have even managed to ask the court to sanction Jennifer for reporting a false case. Their argument is that she just wants to milk out money from Nicki's fortune.

Jennifer has claimed that she had to change her phone number due to the alleged harassment. She has even mentioned that Nicki's team had once reached out to her brother with a $500k offer if she decides to recant in her written statement.

Nicki's team has also pointed out a few inconsistencies in Jennifer's statements. Nicki's attorney says that Jennifer was the one who texted Nicki first after claiming that she needed to change her number. They argue that Jennifer would not text Nicki if she wanted to hide her number.

Last month, Kenneth admitted having sex with Jennifer in the year 1994. But he claims that their encounters were entirely consensual and that Jennifer participated willingly. The lawsuit was filed in August this year after 27 years of the incident.

Jennifer reportedly has demanded a sum of total $20 million for having gone through sexual assault. But she says that she is not doing this for money. She claims that she wants justice for what had happened to her and her family:

It wasn't right and it doesn't matter how much money you have. It doesn't matter what your status is, you can't intimidate people to make things go better for you. And that's what they did

She has also said that she wants her daughters to have strength if they ever have to face harassment. Jennifer says she wants to demonstrate that she has a voice and she is willing to use it. The eager fans might have to wait for a while to get to the bottom of this case.

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Nicki Minaj Wiki

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian rapper, singer, and songwriter born on 8 December 1982. Her birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She has now taken the surname of her husband making her full name Onika Tanya Maraj Kenny. She was born to her father Robert Maraj and her mother Carol Maraj.

Her father used to work as a financial executive and part-time gospel singer. Her mother was a gospel singer as well who hailed from Afro-Trinidadian ethnicity. Her father was addicted to alcohol and cocaine which made her life extremely difficult.

She was the oldest sister of a younger brother named Jelani and a younger sister named Micaiah. Nicki has managed to rise higher than her roots. She has successfully established herself as a music artist and has made millions of money from her career.

Who Is Nicki Minaj's Husband?

Her husband Kenneth Petty is an American Music Executive. Kenneth was born on 7 April 1978 in Queens, New York City. He completed his schooling at Elizabeth Blackwell School. But he dropped out before the completion of his high school education.


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He and Nicki were childhood friends but they started dating only in December 2018. The two got married in August of 2019. The couple announced the news of expecting a baby in July 2020. Nicki gave birth to a son named Jeremiah Maraj-Petty on 30 September 2020 making him one year old as of 2021. Nicki and he makes a tight-knit couple and she refers to him as Papa Bear.

The accusations of sexual harassment are not entirely new to him. He has already served almost four years in prison previously for being convicted of attempted rape in the first degree. He is most famous for being the husband of a global star.