Richard Rawlings All Set to Wife up His New Girlfriend? Who Is She?

Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings is a dexterous personality who is renowned as an entrepreneur and an established personality in the media. The Fast N' Loud rose him to fame, and ever since he has not really stopped achieving.

Whether it be his colossal career or personal life, the star has undergone a plethora of turns offs and on in his life collectively. He is a man who is acknowledged for his enthusiasm for never giving up on dreams.

With an envision as such, the star has been setting milestones. However, recently his fans have been quite curious regarding his love life. If you are one of such fans, we have got your back.

This article will let you endeavor through all the details but first, have a quick view at a brief introduction of Rawlings. 

Richard Rawlings Wiki, Age, and Early Life

The fame first stepped into this world on March 30, 1969, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America. He was born to his father, Ray Rawlings, and mother, whose name has not been disclosed to this date. 

Reports suggest that he was abandoned by his mother when he was just a two-year-old kid. Maybe this is the reason why he wishes to keep no reminiscences about his mother. 

Rawlings was grown and taken care of by his single father, Ray, who worked as a grocery store employee. Life was hard, and savings were tough, but his father ensured to preserve his son with all the little things in life.

The soft corner of Rawlings is acknowledged by few. With consistency, he has embarked on a lovely journey so far. However, the same goes for his love life, the path he has been paving romantically too is a matter of discussion to many.

Before upturning a smooth pavement he has also glided into some past relationships so let us address that first. 

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Richard Rawlings' Past Relationships

Well, Rawlings' romantic life has been pretty much piled up with a few twists and turns. It all began in 1993 when he first tied the knots with Karen K Grames. The two got married after dating for a certain period of time. 

However, this decision of theirs did not prosper well and the couple got divorced on mutual understanding after almost a year of their wedding. Years after, in 1999, two good things happened in his life.

Rawlings initiated his very own business of printing and advertising and alongside he fell in love with a lady named Suzanne Marie Mergele. On August 7, 1999, he got married to her. 

Ever since she stepped into his life he kept on prospering. Rawlings also started his Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas which was a huge success. The couple looked heavily in love until one day they called it quits. 

After a decade of getting together, they got divorced in 2009. But, they never had a biological child together. However, Suzanne did have a son from her past relationship who could be acknowledged as Rawlings's stepson.

The relationship did go down but was not really meant to have ended up as six years later in 2015, Rawlings and Suzzane got wedded again. 

But little did they know, that it was not meant to be held for long. A few years later they got divorced AGAIN! But, here is the good part, they are both still great friends. 

This generalizes the concept, of right people, and wrong timing. His love journey however was not meant to end up this soon. It is because the star was yet to cross his paths with his better half. 

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Who Is Richard Rawlings Dating Now?

So, Rawlings has been together with Katrina Deason ever since 2019. As soon as his divorce settlement ended up with Suzanne he started dating Katrina. Not much regarding their first meeting or exact date since they got into a relationship has been disclosed.

However, Rawlings got engaged to his new girlfriend. Their fans are eagerly waiting for them to get married any time soon. So far, the reason behind them putting things on hold also may be because Katrina is still legally married to her ex-husband Darwin Deason, a billionaire. 

Richard Rawlings with his new girlfriend Katerina Deason
Richard Rawlings with his new girlfriend Katerina Deason (Image Source: Discovery)

They did end their relationship years back but have not really gotten divorced. The legal documents preparation for divorce might be undergoing some work at the moment.

We can speculate that once she gets legally separated from Deason, Rawlings and her will soon exchange their vows together.