Sarah Jessica Parker Get A Plastic Surgery? See Before And After Pictures

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-known American actress, producer as well as a fashion designer. She is best recognized for her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's hit television series Sex and the City. She was able to bag two Emmy awards and four Golden Globe Awards for the role.

She is gracefully venturing towards her late fifties. The human body changes as it ages and Sarah is no exception to it. Recently, the rumors of her getting plastic surgery have been swirling around. She looks amazingly well but plastic surgery might have played a role according to the media. 

Fans have been observing her appearances and physiques closely over the years. They think that she looks way different now and are also comparing her new pictures with the pictures from the past. 


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Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get A Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Jessica Parker was reportedly mocked at the Met Gala Event for looking old in 2018. She was indeed aging gracefully. But the signs of her aging were becoming more apparent which is perfectly natural. Some thought that her skin looked dry and her cheeks looked saggy.

Things seemed to change a lot one year later. Her cheeks seemed to have gained more volume. The folds beside her nose were not as deep as they were. Hence, fans were speculating that she might have injected botox around those areas.

Sarah jessica parker

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Similarly, the actress had visible wrinkles on her face, especially on her forehead. She is believed to have undergone surgery in late 2019 or early 2020. Her face looks more smooth and lifted after the alleged surgery and facelift. She is also assumed to have undergone a brow-lift.

Some media were claiming that she has got breast implants as well. But her breasts more or less look the same in her slim physique. She was seen in a few outfits that showed off her cleavage. Hence, they did not look like implants at all.

Sarah was also accused of getting a nose job. It was because her nose looks thinner at times in pictures. But it does not look like a nose job. Her nose just naturally looks a bit different when she is smiling.

What Sarah Jessica Parker Has To Say?

The recent rumor has been pretty traumatizing on Sarah Jessica Parker. She found the tabloid brutal and cruel. She even had to see an article about how her hands were ugly. Those articles have even stated that she had to go have cosmetic surgery. After reading the article, she has explained it:

And then there was a really crude drawing of my hands as a witch's hands

This is actually one of the worst things to say to someone, be it to a celebrity or just a normal person. These criticisms obviously did not sit well with her. She felt physically ill and dizzy after the harsh criticism. She found it ridiculous, outrageous, and bizarre. She has concluded:

I love my hands

We all can agree that the rumors and the accusation are getting a little out of hand. Sex and the City ran its course between 1998 and 2004. Sarah was barely in her early thirties when the show was on. The show was very popular which made her fans remember her as the 30 something old Carrie. It has been almost two decades and it is no surprise that her appearances have changed so much.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Weight Loss

Fans are also quick to notice that she has lost a bunch of weight in recent years. Most celebrities do have the right diet and exercise routines to stay fit. Sarah does not just pick a single diet and implement it. Instead, she combines the Mediterranean diet and the South Beach diet.


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Sarah appears super fit and skinny even at this age. She also hits the gym almost every single day of the week. So far, she has managed to stay healthy.

Sarah Jessica Wiki

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on 25 March 1965 to her father Stephen Parker and her mother Barabara parker. She was born and brought up in Nelsonville, Ohio. Her father was an entrepreneur and journalist whereas her mother was a nursery school operator.

She is among the eight children of her parents. This includes both her full siblings and half-siblings. Sarah's parents got divorced when she was three years old. She grew up in a large household and often struggled with finances while growing up.