Scott Yancey: Wiki, Net Worth, Salary, Businesses, Personal Life, Age

Scott Yancey

Scott Yancey is a LA-based home flipper, author, teacher as well as a reality television star. He is best recognized for his work on the A&E's television show called Flipping Vegas. He has claimed that his first real estate deal at the young age of 14.

He is also a businessman and investor besides being a TV personality. So now, let's go to know more about his net worth and personal life in the article below.

Scott Yancey Wiki

Scott Yancey was born on 9 July 1969 in a city called Van Nuys inside California. He got educated at North Hollywood High School City. He is also the CEO of a company called Goliath Company. His company mainly manages the real estate business throughout LA.


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He suffers from a condition known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder aka ADHD. He was recruited as a runner while he was still in college. He continued the work in a partnership for a number of real estate projects. 

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Net Worth, Salary And Businesses

Scott is believed to have a net worth of more than 25 million USD. His salary information is not available right now. He undoubtedly earned this wealth through his real estate brokerage company. His ventures include buying old houses and then reselling them at a greater price later on after making required repairs.

His television show and his books are his additional sources of income. Currently, he is organizing various tours to spread awareness about the real estate business which also apparently makes him some money.

He has multiple, different business running at a same time. Scott's education business attracts more than 250 thousand students each year. He has also established a few retail department stores in LA, Tempe, Arizona and Provo.

He and his wife have also developed Yancey Events which conducts events across the country including educational seminars on real estate investing. Their company Yancey Events also hires salespeople who fly around the United States that sell informative workshops. They also share their insight and expertise they have accumulated over the years in the industry. Some attendees have called the meeting a ruse.

Scott Yancey Family

He got married to his long-time partner and co-star from the show Flipping Vegas. The couple got married on 26 January of the year 2000. The Yancey family is fond of animals and own a pet dog named Tallulah. They also have two Rhodesian dogs named Zuma and Flip in their family.


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Not only these, but they also got two Friesian horses including two mini pigs and a donkey called jackass.

Scott Yancey Personal Life

He started off by purchasing a small second trust deed on a home in California. This deal earned Scott 14 % interest. He went on to become a full time flipper following his early success. He really held a grasp in the real estate business afterward.

Scott has got more than 20 years of experience in the real estate business. He also loves to take his Porsche on a racetrack on the west coast when he is not busy. He has written and published a book named Go Time. His book was published in 2012 and is based on real estate.


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He became an author of another book called Flipping Your Way To Real Estate Profits in the year 2015. At present,

Scott Yancey TV shows

He is a renowned TV persona seen in a TV show called Flipping Vegas.  In the show, he and his wife buy decrepit houses in Las Vegas. They fix the houses up and the flip them for a profit to his viewers. The TV show is a modern reality show.

The couple has purchased and reconstructed many battered house inside the show.

Age, Height, Weight

Scott stands 6 feet tall. He is 52 years old being born in 1969. He weighs 84 kilograms or 185 pounds. He looks fit and healthy for his age that is in early fifties. Other measurements like his body and shoe size is not revealed yet.