This Is How 'The Sex Lives of College Girls' Finale Has Wrapped Up

The Sex Lives of College Girls

The Sex Lives of College Girls is an American streaming television series based on teen comedy-drama. The show has been able to win the hearts of the viewers over a relatively shorter time duration. It has got massive popularity that it is crazy to think it was released just a few months ago.

This rom-com show has got only 1 season so far. But it already is one of the biggest shows for the production house. It first premiered on HBO Max on 18 November 2021. It has been on the air for barely one month with the finale released on 9 December the same year.

Needless to say that a show produced by Mindy Kaling has become a hit. It has even got renewed for a second season recently. The viewers will thankfully get some more of their favorite The Sex Lives Of College Girls soon in the future.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

The show was set to be released in early 2021 originally but that could not happen due to covid. The premise of the show revolves around a college named Essex College. The four main characters Whitney, Bela, Kimberly, and Leighton deal with their struggles and drama in their first year at college.

The three are 18-year old freshmen roommates at their college. The main characters of the show are teenagers but the show is an adult show. The storyline covers their sexually active lifestyle and the hardships that college brings to them.

Whitney is a star soccer player who had a secret love affair with her soccer coach. Bela on the other hand is in her struggle to get accepted as a member of The Catullan. She, unfortunately, has to deal with a sexual assault during the process.

The character Leighton struggles with her sexuality. She has not come out as a lesbian yet as per the premise. The series features a number of supportive characters who were brilliant as well. The show follows the growing up journeys of the three characters.

Welcome to Essex is the name of the first episode of the series named after the college. The series has been receiving an overall above-average rating. Rotten Tomatoes has given the show a solid 96% whereas it has gained the rating of 7.5/10 on average based on 24 reviews.

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What Happens In The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1 Finale?

We are at the finish line of the series following the finale. It has wrapped up the season with a few cliffhangers. The final episode of the season is named The Truth. The finale is a fairly heavy episode. A lot of jokes have been used in the episode to lighten the heavy atmosphere but it did not help.

Kimberly first uses her UTI as an excuse to go use the bathroom where she had hidden the test copy. She has to go through her own struggles for getting caught while cheating. Fans are finding it hard to feel sorry for her due to her actions. They are only able to sympathize with the two other roommates.

Kimberly also somehow gets saved from getting expelled much to the surprise of the audience. She comes to find out that she merely is a side-chick to Nico and Nico already has a girlfriend. She does not get back together with him. This leaves the viewers to wonder if she will find herself in another relationship or not.

The number one major incident that happened in the finale is that Ryan finally gets kicked out of the Catullan for assaulting Bela. It was also very refreshing to see Leighton finally facing herself. The finale is definitely combined with some bitter-sweet moments altogether.

What Is For Season 2?

The finale has left some viewers satisfied while the others are left annoyed. Leighton cannot get back together with Alicia even though she wanted to. So she is left with no option but to confide in her best friend Kimberly consequently revealing her sexuality.

Her journey has left some questions for the second season of the show. Fans are curious to find out whether she will be able to come out to her parents or not. The show has already got its second season. The writers might already be on their way to continuing the storyline in an intriguing manner. Hopefully, season 2 of The Sex Lives Of College Girls will answer all the questions of the audience.