‘Redeeming Love’ Co-Stars, Tom Lewis and Abigail Cowen Dating?

Tom Lewis and Abigail Cowen

Tom Lewis is well-known for his performance as Thomas Sweden in 2019’s Gentleman Jack, a historical drama series, and his other role as Michael Hosea in Redeeming Love.

The movie also does demonstrate certain glimpses of love after abuse. Dobrev's character reflects being in an abusive relationship which led him to face consequences including trauma. 

The super romantic movie was released to audiences on Jan 21, 2022, which showcases a passionate love-centered movie about the journey of two love birds.

Similarly, Abigail Cowen is an actress who is best known for her work in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, where she can be seen playing the lead role, Angel, in her latest movie, Redeeming Love, released on January 21, 2022.

Recently, the duo are linked together and is speculated to be dating each other. So, are they? Let’s find out in this article. Read more: Whitney Way Thore From “MBFFL” Has a French Boyfriend? More About Her Ex-Fiance Chase Severino

Is Tom Lewis and Abigail Cowen Dating?

The favorite on-screen couple and their chemistry between the Redeeming Love stars, Lewis and Cowen, was so heart-touching and obvious that many fans are doubtful if the duo has something going between them in real life too.

Fans are very eager to know if both the stars have a romantic relationship in their real life. 

But, having said that, sadly the truth is Tom is not dating Cowen, his Redeeming Love co-star.

The newly broadcasted movie Redeeming Love portrays a good romantic relationship between the stars, but in reality, the romance does not enter beyond on-screen. 

Basically, the rumor of Tom Lewis and Abigail Cowen is genuinely not true and it is just like some other random speculations. In fact, according to the actress’s Instagram, she is dating Danny Griffin, not Tom Lewis.


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According to her Instagram, she is dating an actor and a model from London.

A few scrolls through her Instagram feed as @abbeycowen will let you discover several romantic-filled shots of her with her boyfriend.

The due appears to be very happy and in love with each other. Since the duo is going very strong, there is no chance that Lewis and Cowen are together. 

Who Is Tom Lewis Dating?

To this day, there are no confirmations about Tom Lewis’s dating life and he is very personal when it comes to his private life and these types of things.

In addition to that, the actor does not even own any social media profiles of his own.

The handsome star seems to maintain more of his private life and likes to set boundaries in his both personal and professional life.

Fans of Tom who are really looking forward to following him on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are left disappointed!

As the actor is not active on any of the social media platforms, it is very difficult to say if he is currently involved in any kind of relationship with anyone or not. 

Redeeming Love Co-Actors Tom Lewis and Abigail Cowen’s Chemistry

As mentioned earlier, Lewis and Cowen’s on-screen chemistry in the movie Redeeming Love was fairly loved by everyone. The movie is based on Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. 

The co-stars have worked together in a movie that hit the theatres pretty well and fans love their characters in the movie.

The story of the movie portrays their characters falling deeply in love even though they had to face many obstacles during the California Gold Rush.


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Lewis has also described the movie as an impressive one with a good genre filled with love and compassion. He also further added how instantly he was drawn to the story and the script which led him to say yes to the movie.

While he played the role of Michael as the lead actor in the movie Redeeming Love, Lewis said that playing the character was equally fun and how dynamic he had with Angel, which was played by Abigail Cowen.

He later also added that he is proud of the duo for how beautifully they have worked in harmony and created such a piece of art.