Valkyrae Streamer and Bella Poarch Break the Internet With Their Valentines Photoshoot! Is the YouTuber Dating Someone?


Valkyrae is famously regarded as the fastest-growing streamer on the market today, and that said comes with plenty of opportunities to make enough amount of fortune.

Apart from being a talented and renowned streamer. 

The young streamer is also known as the co-owner of an apparel and exports company named 100 Thieves.

Apart from a successful career, she gained as a gaming star, Valkyrae has been featured in myriad music videos including Bella Poarch’s Inferno and has also started in a video for Sub Urban.


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The gamer has recently shared a screen with a sensational singing star Lil Nas X and took to social media to share a picture of her enjoying her fame.

She has also participated as a host in a fundraiser talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The 29-year-old steamer has also bagged the title of “Queen of YouTube”. 

The gamer became the platform’s most watched female streamer in 2021 and Rachell Hofstetter, who goes by the name Valkyrie, has been a staunch supporter of more women in online gaming.

She has also been playing games on all-female teams. Let us now take a look at the details regarding the insights on who Valkyrae streaming is dating. Read more: Is Author Melissa Reddy Dating Her Boyfriend? An Insight Into Her Married Life & Net Worth

Valkyrae Streamer Dating: Know Everything About It

While Valkyrae and Sonii’s four-year-old relationship came to a full stop in March, the YouTube star has also earlier revealed that things were not going well between the two in an emotional video they shared together. 

Valkyrae recently defended Corpse Husband who has finally revealed his identity and while he was also subjected to the backlash, the online streamer supported him.   The duo recently sparked the flame and reconciliation rumors when the couple ended up at the same party they were together in Vegas.

This also led many fans to speculate about the sparks between the couple.

These rumors were hyped further after a few of the social media pictures went viral that showed the couple having a very cozy moment on the dance floor. 

Valkyrae Reveals About Her Former Abusive Boyfriend

Valkyrae also known by the name Hofstetter has posted how she had a very traumatic past with one of her ex-boyfriends who she said is very abusive in nature.

Many fans also assumed that she was referring to Sonii. However, the streamer finally cleared the misconceptions and that she was not talking about Sonii. 

The streamer has also recently posted pictures on social media as she seemed to have fun with the singing star Lil Nas X for a very special project.

As Lil Nas X was seen wearing a t-shirt that read 100 thieves, fans went crazy and made up their own speculations. 


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The streamer, Valkyrae also opened up about the numerous reasons for her relationship to quit with her long-term boyfriend Michael Sherman.

The gamer has also admitted that their split was very tough for her and that she is still in so much love with him. 

However, because of various reasons she has stated for their breakup, some of them are bad timing, different paths, and different priorities.

The couple split in January 2021 and Valkyrae stated all the above reasons. 

As for now, she still adores him the most, and she describes him as a good and wonderful person. She further added it by saying that she never really stopped loving him ever!

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Valkyrae on Going Through a Rough Patch

A popular online streamer has stated to her fans how much of a heartbreak she had to go through to mend her heart.

She went through a low patch as she took the hardest decision for herself about parting ways with her long-time boyfriend Michael.

The duo were dating each other for four years.

Valkyrae also added that she is not playing games and really wants to stream and open up a bit on all of this matter with her fans.

She has described this phase as depressive as she revealed she has shed tears like a river and how it affected her mental and physical well-being.

She also added by saying she lost so much weight and got very skinny.  Last year, was indeed a low point for our gamer girl, Valkyrae but she now seems much better and moved on. 

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Valkyrae and Bella Poarch’s Internet-Breaking Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

The two major powerhouses of the influencer’s space YouTube streamer Valkyrae and TikTok star-turned-music artist Bella Poarch had an exclusive photoshoot that broke the internet. 


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Known to be very close friends, with no one expecting such a full-scale photoshoot came forward which shocked most fans and left them in awe!

On valentine’s day, February 14, 2022, Poarch and Valkyrae unleashed a carousel of pictures on their Twitter handle, showing their jaw-dropping images in red outfits that made them look like a diva.