‘The Voice’ New Season Announcement | Registration Opens With Confusion

New ‘The Voice’ Announcement

Singing reality shows have always garnered the hearts of millions, and the essence these shows have had is always immaculate. Out of a bunch of different shows, 'The Voice America' is the one that has sought the attention of millions.

With all of these, 'The Voice' America is soon airing in 2022. This show is yet to premiere this Fall, and the NBC Network broadcasts this show. This impeccable show aired its very first episode on April 26, 2011.

It has been ruling the singing reality shows with its unique concept.

'The Voice' is one of the most renowned singing competition platforms, providing candidates with the best singing exposure. Many candidates compete in this competition every year, and the upcoming season of 'The Voice' will be no exception.

However, confusion and perplexities filled in the registration process. 

'The Voice' New Season Announcement

Numerous singing contests always have the ideal time to premiere. The same applies to the singing competition 'The Voice.' But, In contrast to past years, 'The Voice' did not premiere in the spring of 2022.

Season 21 of the show ended in December 2021, beginning around October. By that time, the coaches had usually started recording the following season.

However, afterward, 'The Voice' announced that it would only air once a year instead of twice yearly.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, It was the first time the show had been on a one-season per year since 2012. It is the second time since such a scenario occurred, so fans were confused.

As the show was used to air two times a year, this time, fans were left confused. 

The Voice
The Voice US (Source: gettyimages)

What was the reason behind all the confusion?

All of these started right after they took it to their official Instagram handle while announcing this season's audition that was supposed to withdraw from June.

"The Voice" announced a new casting call on Instagram on May 31, 2022.

The account stated, 

"VIRTUAL OPEN CALL REGISTRATION OPEN TOMORROW,"  "Set your reminders and sign up tomorrow for June 8, 9, 21, and 22!"

"We can't wait to hear what you have!"

The next day, they posted again, reminding viewers to audition for the show. Now, this is where the confusion began.

The people had been waiting for the announcement to have happened around spring. But, to their surprise, this time, the actual show was supposed to air in Fall.

This brought multiple questions all around Instagram and discussions all over Reddit. Many assumed they missed their opportunity in spring and now had to enroll for Fall. However, things were clarified soon after, as "The Voice" swept the queries off with their clear statement.

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Who are the judges this season?

Just as how confusing the scenario was, excitement dropped to the same level as the judges for this season were announced.

After a series and series of discussions quenched with perplexities, people finally cleared their heads and started seeking interest in this season's judges.

So, let's unveil the judges who will be providing their judgment this season. This season will mesmerize the audience with immense thrill and musical harmony as the judges are all the biggest names in the musical industry.

Blake Shelton. John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Camila Cabello are the ones to mark their valuable presence this year. 

The revelation of the names is enough to ensure how thrilling and fascinating this season will become. Blake Shelton and John Legend's comeback after a break has excited people even more. The audience missed the legends in the prior season.

However, keep looking forward to this season and our page, as we will keep you updated.