What Happened To Amara La Negra? Truth About Her Pregnancy And Miscarriage

Amara La Negra

It was only a few episodes ago that Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Amara La Negra was speculated to be pregnant by the viewers. The rumor was never confirmed by the star and was dismissed by the fans as well. She was not seen with a clear baby bump either. This had ruled out the chance of her pregnancy in the past.

The speculation was stemmed from Amara's late period. It was fueled by her statement :

maybe the family is going to start growing

However, she was seen taking care of her ill mother during the time and the rumor had begun to fade away. Fans were wondering what happened to this news. The show has recently been aired with the confirmation.

Turned out, Amara indeed was pregnant at the time of filming the fourth season. Fans were right about this particular rumor. In a clip posted on October 19th, she was seen discussing the issue with her mother. But the conversation was shot months ago.

Amara La Negra's Miscarriage

Amara La Negra was pregnant. But the star had to suffer the horrible fate of miscarriage, unfortunately.

The singer posted on Instagram to update her fans about her pregnancy status. This was after the announcement of her pregnancy on an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Amara said she wanted to be open and honest to the fans in the post:

I cried for days cause I really did want to have that baby! I’m not getting any younger and Iv always been afraid of waiting too long til it’s too late

Two weeks after her first missed period, Amara had started experiencing bleeding and bad cramps. The miscarriage had happened over the summer, somewhere in July. But it only came to the light after she herself disclosed the news.

Amara shared photos and a video of her ultrasound and expressed how she felt about the unfortunate moment.

The pregnancy rumor was never confirmed by Amara in the past. But her revelation of the miscarriage has allowed the show maker to reveal the news that she indeed was pregnant at a time. 

Fans Reaction

The pregnancy rumor had first come from the fans themselves. Some had even claimed that she was just trying to seek attention from the public. But the miscarriage news proved them wrong.

The fans of the star have been really supportive of her lately. Ever since Amara clarified that she shared the news so others can relate to her pain, she is receiving enormous support.

One fan commented:

One thing about God he gone come through!!! Divine order.

Several women fans have shared their own miscarriage experiences under Amara’s post. Fans hope for her speedy recovery from the emotional trauma. 

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Amara La Negra's Pregnancy

The rumor has recently been made official by Amara herself although the pregnancy was short-lived. Hence, the news was pretty much true and legit.

The recently released clip shows her breaking the news to her mother, dreaded. Amara was seen having a heated argument with her mother aka Mama Ana in the matter. Her mother was very much disappointed in this news. Her argument was that her daughter's career might get jeopardized after the baby.

Amara was also shown pissed off at her mother for the fact that she thought Amara had to consult her first before the pregnancy. The clip had also revealed that she had not told the news to the father of her baby.

The reality star was very sure of her decision to keep the baby. She said:

I don't wanna get rid of my baby, I wanna keep it

Was Her Boyfriend The Father?

Amara has revealed that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Allan's child in the same clip. She had also claimed that she and Allan were not having a very good relationship at the moment. How was the father going to react on this matter was still kept a mystery at the time.

Amara and Allan

The clip was not shared with the media neither was broadcast on television. The incident was pretty hard on the star. That might be the reason why it was not made public earlier. Now that the time has passed, Amara looks finally ready to discuss the issue.

Amara has been open about her miscarriage on her social media. But there is no telling if she will share her story on the show as well. We wish Amara and her loved ones all the best.