Whitney Rose: The Net Worth And Personal Life Of The Owner Of Wild Rose Beauty

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose is a famous American entrepreneur and television personality. She is best recognized for her appearance in the hit television reality show The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The show is back with its second season which gives the viewers an insight into her business.

She owns a famous skincare business called Iris + Beaut. Featuring in the show provided her and her brand with more exposure from the public. The viewers of the show are more interested in the personal details of her life than ever.

Whitney Rose Wiki

The exact date of birth of Whitney Rose has not been made known to the public. She looks like she is in her late thirties judging from her appearance. She is a famous businesswoman and a reality TV star. What many viewers might not know is that she is a descendant of Mormont Royalty,

She no longer identifies with the faith and has left the church. She left it after she fell in love with her now-husband. She worked at Nu Skin for several years as seen on her LinkedIn account. She left the job to pursue an opportunity with InVision Communication.

Whitney Rose In Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City first premiered last year. The Lake City is the tenth addition to the original The Housewives Franchise. This one revolves around the lives of a group of women residing in Salt Lake City. Viewers will see both the personal and professional sides to their lives.

Whitney has appeared in the second season of the Salt City version. She captured the attention of the viewers with her very successful business. She has revealed in the premiere of the second season the reason she started her own skincare brand.

Surprisingly, she had very bad skin which inspired her to establish a good skincare brand.

I started going to the health food store and found ingredients that were working for me, and I’d combine them all together and make my own skin oils. I love this idea of having something I created

Her skincare brand helped her achieve better skin overall. But the major reason behind her flawless skin is not her brand, it is her cosmetic surgery. She has revealed that she has had Botox and filler to enhance her appearance.

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Whitney Rose Personal Life

Whitney Rose is a married woman and happily so. She has been married to her husband Justin for a while now. She has two children from her marriage with Justin. He was her boss before the two fell in love. She has got an unusual love story.

 The two first started with a casual affair. But they fell deeply in love within a matter of a few weeks. Both of them had their own sposes. But they left their spouses to be with each other. They decided to get married after discovering that Rose is pregnant,

Whitney Rose Net Worth

Her business is wildly successful just as the name of the company says. The price of their products is not cheap either. The cheapest one starts at $29 which is the price of their daily cleanser. Their daily routine products cost $199. 

Her first skincare brand was called Irish + Beau. On 29 November 2021, she launched a new skincare brand called Wild Beauty Rose. Her products usually receive positive feedback. Her net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2021.

She has also become one of the richest cast of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The exact worth of her brands has not been revealed yet. But they surely have helped her make a great deal of fortune. She aims to give her clients' skin all the nutrients it craves.

She is seen flaunting an extravagant lifestyle on television. Her husband also has a successful career as the chief sales officer at LifeVantage Corporation. The net worth of the happy couple is growing steadily every day. Whitney has invested a significant amount of her wealth in her new brand. She is also seen as very anxious about it.

Age, Height, Weight, Social Media

The age of the reality star has not been revealed yet. She might be in somewhere in her thirties looking at her appearance. She is very active on social media platforms including Instagram. She has a total of 278k Instagram followers as of 2021. Her followers are increasing rapidly every day.

She has also created an Instagram account for her new skincare brand. The page has already accumulated 17.8 followers.