Who Is The New Tiktok Sensation Elaine Victoria? Meet The Hottest Cashier From Tiktok.

Elaine Victoria posing

Supermarket cashier Elaine Victoria is the latest TikTok sensation who is going viral as the "hottest cashier ever". The viral TikTok of her has been all over the internet. As an aspiring social media star, Elaine has got a large exposure in social media. She has recently earned thousands of followers on her Instagram. Elaine used to make short video content before this. More and more people are finally reaching out for her and her content.

The German origin cashier has attracted 30 million views on her viral TikTok video with 700k likes. The immense attention is also to be credited to her ALDI uniform which made her stand out.  She has posted dozens of bold videos of herself in the past one of which shows her in a bed with just a sheet over her.

Elaine from her TikTok

Elaine from her viral TikTok (Source: globalcirculate)

Surprisingly, the footage of Elaine in an ALDI polo shirt and pants was the one video that has attracted far more views. The viral TikTok presents her standing behind the cash register while she was singing and dancing to the video. What amused viewers was the way she was eyeing around while recording to ensure that nobody was watching. "During my break, Of course, Lovely boss" she has captioned one of her TikToks.

One admirer commented:

I would buy 100kg of potatoes one by one if I saw you at the checkout in ALDI

She is being showered with comments of admiration. She has gained half a million followers in her TikTok profile. She has been given nicknames including "ALDI's next top model" and "the hottest cashier". She is seen lip-synching to Jessie J’s Wild in the viral TikTok.

Who is Elaine Victoria from TikTok?

Elaine has not revealed the date of her birth. Looking at her videos and pictures, one can guess that she is somewhere between 18 to 25. Although not official, she is most probably seeking a career in the fashion industry. From her Instagram, it can also be assumed that she is into fitness and make-up. She also loves partying when she is not at her cashier job. 


In her bio, she has shared an email for business inquiries. She enjoys being an internet personality. She has almost 40k followers on Instagram of which the majority comes from the TikTok community.

She doesn't post a lot on her Instagram. She has made barely 13 posts there. She is relatively new to Instagram with her first post from 19 weeks ago only which explains the less number of her posts. Her posts make it clear that she doesn't endorse or promote any brands. She is in for her own enjoyment. She is quite active in TikTok though with her username @elaine.victoria

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Is Elaine dating somebody?

With newfound fame, Elaine is keeping the details of her life private. She is not in any serious relationship. From her social media presence, any proof of her past relationship cannot be traced. We can acknowledge that she probably met a perfect partner. We are sure that anyone would be lucky to date the gorgeous cashier.

From her posts, both on Instagram and TikTok, it is clear that she likes to dress elegantly. She is always seen in really well-done full face make-up. She also seems to like hanging out with her friends. She has explained in one of the captions that she does most of her videos at the Aldi checkout.

ALDI doesn't seem to mind her video-making during work. ALDI's official page has commented fire emojis in one of her TikToks.

The country she is residing in is not clear. Some of the comments have presumed that she is from the UK from her workplace setting. One of the comments has also stated that she doesn't look like she is in the United Kingdom.

The comment said:

How does one have time for this in Aldi. Must not be a UK one

From someone declaring her "Miss ALDI" to someone declaring they are only gonna buy from ALDI, she has got a range of comments. The video has given ALDI, her workplace, a spotlight too. She captured the attention of millions in such a brief time.

Fans wish to learn more about her life in the future.