Yasmin Finney Wikipedia: Is Elle Trans In Real Life? Explore The Heartstopper Star's Trans Role And Social Media

Actress Yasmin Finney

 Yasmin Finney is an English actress, Internet personality, and a Tiktok sensation. In 2021, the actress also made it to GLAAD's second annual 20 Under 20 list. Presently, she appears in Netflix's new coming of age series called Heartstopper. Yasmin plays the role of Elle in the series. Yasmin Finney is an open black trans woman.

Heartstopper Yasmin Finney Wiki, Age, Parents

Born in August 2003, in Manchester, Yasmin Finney is 18 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Her mother is Tracey Finney. Not much is known about Yasmin Finney's parents. Her father's information is not available. Likewise, no updates are present on her siblings.

Yasmin's nationality is British and her ethnicity is mixed(African-American). She was a part of many theatres growing up like The Sackville Theatre, The Waterside Theatre, and The Royal Exchange Theatre.

Yasmin Cast As A Trans Character In Heartstopper

The internet sensation Yasmin is a newcomer in the industry. She made her first TV debut through the LGBTQ+ series. Yasmin plays the role of Elle Argent who is a part of Charlie's friend circle. Yasmin's Elle has transferred from an all-boys school to a girls' school because of a teacher who refused to call her Elle.


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Elle thinks she's all by herself in her new school but eventually realizes that she isn't as alone as she thought.

Is Yasmin Finney Trans In Real Life?

Yes! Yasmin is a trans woman. The actress has been very open about her identity. In a recent interview with LGBTQ magazine called Attitude, Yasmin disclosed that seeing Heartstopper have an open casting call for a trans girl of color was unexpected. The actress further added that she never had many roles to look up to where she felt represented as a trans woman of color.

What Is Yasmin Finney's Gender?

Through her representation of a trans person in Heartstopper, Yasmin has quickly risen to prominence as a figure of representation in the trans community. Fans are curious to know what the actress's gender and sexuality are. It's been revealed that Yasmin's sexuality is a trans woman. 

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Who Is Yasmin Finney Dating?

Not much is known about the actress's dating life. Besides, Yasmin has been quite discreet concerning her past relationships and current too( if there are any). Even Yasmin's social media pages don't give off any hint about her boyfriend or partner. As there is no data regarding her love life currently, the Heartstopper actress is assumed to be single.

Who Is Heartstopper Yasmin's Boyfriend/Partner?

Yasmin who plays the role of a trans woman in Heaststopper has acquired a fan base who are curious to know about her love life. However, there is no information currently regarding Yasmin's partner in real life. In the series though, Yasmin's partner is Tao Xu who is portrayed by William Gao.

Tiktok Sensation Yasmin Finney

The Heartstopper star is on Tiktok with a whopping 948.6K followers in total. As of April 29, 2022, she has garnered over 11.7M likes on the platform. Considering her huge fanbase and viral videos which get a lot of interaction from her fans and followers, Yasmin has become one of the TikTok influencers in the app.

The actress has even uploaded a few videos with her Heartstopper cast.

Discover Yasmin Finney's Social Media

Besdies beign a Tiktok semsation, Yasmin is also on Instagram with over 600K followers which is increasing evry day.Likewise, she's also on Twitter with over 107K followers.

Net Worth

The Heartstopper's Yasmin is said to have an estimated net worth of around $500K as of 2022. Her primary source of income is through her career as an actress and also from her social media.